Smoove Surfaces

Friday, July 23, 2010
By Jon Newberry

Josh Smith has kept a pretty low profile this summer. He dropped by to show his support for Coach Drew when he was introduced at his press conference and popped in during a summer league practice before the team headed out to Vegas, but for the most part he has been out of sight.

It turns out that part of the reason we haven’t seen too much of Smoove is that he isn’t spending all of his time in the A-T-L. SLAM Magazine’s Tzvi Twersky recently caught up with Josh in New York and put together a quick Q&A with the Hawks forward.

The most important excerpt from the feature:

SLAM: What are you hoping to accomplish next season?
Josh Smith: The ultimate dream! I mean, I think that when you step out on the court you never want to undermine your goals, and I think that everybody has the opportunity to win a ring just like anybody else does. So that has to be my goal. 

Josh also talks about looking forward to playing under Coach Drew, the idea of playing with Shaq, and of course he touches on the addition of LeBron to the Southeast Division. Click Here to read the whole article.

10 Responses to “Smoove Surfaces”

  1. Anonymous

    why does everyone keep counting out marvin? the kid can run the floor and his shot is improving.

  2. Anonymous

    still, i think they shud trade bibby while his value is still high. trade bibby, collins, and mo evans for chris paul.

  3. really?

    @anonymous, there is no way NO would give us cp3 for the poopoo platter you mentioned. NO must move okafor to make any deal work. so what would work contract wise is smoove and marvin for cp3 and okafor. the money works for the cap, NO gets quality in return for paul while shedding okafor’s contract. the problem for the hawks is, will paul sign an extension, or are they renting him for 2 years…

  4. Hawkssuckgoatballs

    Hawks are some sorry bastards and Sund is one ignorant piece of sh…

  5. Hawksfanman

    Hawkssuckgoatballs?!?!?!?!?!? I rofl when I saw that. anyway, espn says are looking to dump Okafors contract when they trade paul, what bigger indication do we need? make the trade!!!!

  6. Ronald

    I hope Shaq joins the hawks.

    They should see who they can get for trading Horford.

    It would be really cool if they can somehow get Dwight Howard. And I say, why not? He’s a hometown Atlanta guy.

    Josh Smith is my favorite player in the whole league.

    Besides Crawford, the hawks need more help from the bench.

    Bibby is really not making it happen at PG, he should be replaced or play off the bench.

  7. Hawksfanman

    Ronald you definately trippin bro Dwight howard is “untouchable” meaning until he gets old and starts to deplete he’s not going anywhere, you want howard wait about 4yrs, and just because he’s from here doesnt mean he wants to play here,if that was the case, Kobe would bve a sixer, and LBJ would still be a cav, and zach youre a lier bro, you saaid we can get, rose mayo or love,? youre not not a source guy youre as important to the hawks as everyone else here, anyway
    im ouching for that chris paul, and iggy trade(if hes really up for trade), if we make it happen we’ll be better than MIAMI, guaranteed. GO Hawks!

    2011 Roster
    4:Smoov(or Horford)/Powell/Augustine

  8. Hawksfanman

    His scouting report when he went to pre-camp basically said that hes has tremendous upside but his inability to shoot is tto much of a liability, the funnny part is every year when smoov gets interviewed over the summer they ask if he’s working on his 3pt shooting and he always says no, seee i wish we could have al’s spirit an attitude ,mixed with Josh’s Talent we’d be a pretty good team man.

  9. Hawksfanman

    Shut up Zach espn says that, and you just said Shaq was not joinining the hawks, stop acting like you have “sourcces” its making you look super lame right now, anyway ay please donot get Kwame brown he sucks and hes soft