Powell: A Good Sign

Monday, July 26, 2010
By Jon Newberry

The Hawks announced on Monday afternoon that they have officially added free agent big man Josh Powell to their roster. Powell, a two-time NBA Champion with the L.A. Lakers, is a good signing AND a good sign for the Hawks organization.

Powell is widely regarded as a quality big man whose minutes were hurt by the fact that he was playing in a loaded frontcourt that featured Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum (not to mention Ron Artest and Luke Walton if L.A. was going with a smaller line-up). There is a high probability that Powell had drawn interest from other top teams (previous rumors had him linked to Denver, Chicago and Miami) and the fact that he chose to return home to Atlanta reflects positively on how players view the organization at this point.

There was a time not too long ago when an experienced player coming from a championship team would not even consider Atlanta as an option. It is amazing how little influence the mild winters of the South had on free agents when the team was coming off a 13-win season. A 53-win season and all of the key pieces returning can put any city on the map as an attractive free-agent destination.


Powell was named the 2001 Metro Atlanta Player of the Year by the Atlanta Tipoff Club while a senior at Riverdale High School, averaging 22.7 points and 13 rebounds per game. While at Riverdale he set nine school records including career scoring, career rebounding, most points in a game (40) and most rebounds in a game (18). Shot 63 percent from the floor during his prep career, and registered a school record 67 dunks as a senior. He is the only player in school history to have his jersey retired.


When the Lakers visited Atlanta last season, Josh made a point to stop by his alma mater to donate $20,000 for a new computer lab. Powell brought two teammates to the assembly held at Riverdale that day – Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher. The fact that two extremely accomplished stars would go out of their way to support a ‘role player’ speaks very highly of their respect for Josh as a player and a teammate.

Speaking with Powell earlier today, my first impressions are that he is a well-spoken, intelligent guy that sees a great opportunity to get minutes here in Atlanta. His strength, toughness and post-season experience should be a solid addition to the Hawks roster.

38 Responses to “Powell: A Good Sign”

  1. Josh kinsey

    Good article. Like the hometown/character spin.

    Follow me on twitter hawks fans!! @jkinsey60

  2. CK

    I am very excited to add Josh. It’s nice to have a hometown player. I think he will be exactly what we need. Good Job Hawks management!

  3. Kip Kool

    All we need is Shaq and the puzzle will be complete.

  4. Hawksfanman

    Cant deny the m this pretty good move okay what next?

  5. Atl

    The Hawks need to do something that could actually make them better. Resigning overrated Joe Johnson doesn’t really do much of anything.

  6. #1hawkfan g

    good move shaq and one more player and we should finish 2nd in da east!whats da deal wit da point guard situation?

  7. Hawksalltheway

    I love the fact that he’s a hometown guy, but this is just another cheap move by hawks management. when will be go out and actually spend some money to make this team better?

  8. Tdub

    Good move 4 the hawks, we need shaq 2 complete the front court. Please stop comparing crawford 2 joe. Joe is a great player who can defend, get 2 the lane and assist, while crawford has good off skills, his def is weak. Joe deserved his money. He comes 2 work on~time, works hard and complains 1 time and now he is a villian. Joe needs help just like kobe, lebron, and wade.He told da truth, a 53 win team and only 18th in attendance n da 7th largest market, come on my fella fans. If we pack da seats like da other teams, the spirit would not mind paying da luxury tax.

    • "D"One

      Just two issues!!
      1. Deserving the money is one thing that is questionable from the stand point his level of play at playoff time coming off barely averging 10 points per game against Orlando and Big shot after Big Shot missed that max contract type players shouldn’t miss.

      2. As opposed to LeBron, Dwyane and Bosh, Joe maxes out the money leaving nothing on the table to recruit the players he stated he would try to do when he signed. How much is enough money anyway. If you want to win here in ATL show it like the 3 in Miami and not put team in financial jail!

      Big difference between “GOOD” and “GREAT” !!!

  9. atownhawk23 aka I Love Joe "careless" Johnson

    WHY? All I want to know is why? Oh, so y’all got him just because he is a defending champ twice that didn’t play only but 2 games in this yr finals. And I could careless about him being from GA.


    PPG: 0.7

    RPG: 0.50

    APG: 0.1

    EFF: + 0.69

  10. pooman

    hawks management=poo
    josh powell sucks i think shaq wouldve been better
    stupid gm wont move horford to naturally pf position and let shaq clog the middle
    124 million for joe wata joke
    hawks aint gonna win 50 barely 40
    alot of teams got better hawks got nowhere powell will get no minutes he sucks nuts

  11. marcsee

    Joe is fine, But if we can get Shaq in the middle start Bibby, Johnson, Smith, Horford, and Oneal (let bibby and johnson control the ball don’t let smith dribble..these guys should be leaping the Gym…but that’s hard to do when they have to constantly play 2 or more positions at the same time)….that will be a nice starting lineup…that’s about our only option rt now and we got the money..hell why not? management needs to go ahead and make that move…they so money hungry, they don’t know that this lineup will make them more money..GEEZ. I’m 28 and I have been a hawks fan since I was 5 and since Dominique they only had “sub-par” players..it ain’t but a matter of time before us hawks fans start traveling to Charlotte to watch the bobcats…sayin!!!

    • "D"One

      “Mike Bibby” start!!! Are you kidding me !!! His better days are gone!! He’s just a set shooter now with no drives to the hole!! His speed is “GONE”!!

  12. Hawksfanman

    atownhawk23 shut up man first of all Powell was signed to relace Joe SMith he’s goig t odo that perfectly second nobody said he’s going to be the SAviour of the Franchse, he’s not that good ye but trust me thoe numbers will go up on he Hawks, and third those are his playoff stats do the math yes he averged .7 pts in the plyoffs but he also only averag about 3 minutes, look at Jeff Teauge who everybody still ives credit even thouh he plays horrible and doesent seem to care, PPG 1.8 RPG 0.20 APG 0.4, in the playoffs, and he aveaged about 7 minutes, so chill out Powell will be decent next season for us, Backup PF’s never get minutes on our team anyway, now still trade CP3 and Okafor for Smoov, Zaza and, Bibby,
    then if there is an truth to that rumor about 6ers wanting to get rid of Iggy trade Marvin, Teauge, and Mo evans for Iggy, that’ll add about 5 mill to the payroll but the money will be made back with ticket sales, then sign shaq mainly for extra tickets, and sign Taylor Griffin(Blakes brother who just got waived) to backup iggy and sign James Augustine and were lookng pretty Dam good next season.


  13. juan

    this man can play and it bad when some one that is really good leaves THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS. GOD bless you with good a great start in Atlanta, you will be missed. LAKERS.

  14. phil

    If the hawks don’t get a true center we will end up 3rd in the southeast!

  15. Anonymous

    get off Joe case without him we can quite the convo about even going to the playoffs crawford is good yes but he his a damn six man he cant lead a team we saw it in Chicago and in New York he is going good doing what he is doing now man i swear some of yall dont know what yall be talking about but we need Shaq pick him up hawks give him what he wants we need a big man Joe we love you man thanks for not leaving us out to dry this guy is and All-star 4 times started lats year we need that in Atlanta

  16. J-SmOOvE

    rick sund signs a guy we barely know. Did it ever occur to you that the reason why he didn’t get any quality mins was becuz he suks. I also heard that we are goin to sign jamal to a max deal. we need a center that can bully dwight howard and that guy is shaq. sure he isnt an offensive beast like he used be but he is the only guy in the league that can handle dwight howard. Also we need another shooter so rick sund sign t-mac or eddie house to the veterans minimum so u dont spend all your cap space.

  17. J-SmOOvE

    Pole Question: how much will josh powell effect our team?

  18. Hawksfanman

    SMH! JAML GETS MAX WOW! we reward Mediocrity with Max deals what a stupid Move! Aww man well it’s officiially over, we’ll be good but we wont win a championshhip….. anyway Heres a “Poll” (the correct spelling) Question are we going to win a chamionship andy time soon? I think not. Lets Break this Down, Right Now We are NOT better than Orlando,Miami,Chicago, possibly not better than Milwaukee, and Boston either, so were looking at possibly being 4th in the east , cmon man ASG ok were probablly not getting Paul but can we make a smart move please!

  19. Janjan

    people gettin sick here about the line up. HAHA

    Josh powell.- for me bad sign.Joe smith better. better in powell is he has better legs than joe smithh.. smith is a vetran though.

    Joe Jhonson- leave him alone. he will do good. got a good back up with crawford.

    Shaq??- he cant run. hawks a run gun team. but they can give him a post play. he will not get good minutes. and he cant score no more. he will be fould and will shoot 50% 40% in the line.. hell no shaq!

    any better natural Cs out there??

    PGs- c’mon they are better than people think they are.. a fast and young pg. and a veteran that can get everybody involved and can take some clutch shots. main problem is big.

    now sign or gat a trade to get a natural C that can start put marvin to the bench or even use him in a trade to get that C

    thats my idea… hehe

  20. mario

    JUST ONE WORD NOT EVEN ONE WORD ONE LETTER Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. J-SmOOvE


  22. a

    agreed we need to bring in shaq, he still has something left in his tank he still can rebound and also we would have a prensence inside, and also bring someone else in like eddie house or someone else, but a great sign by the management by singin josh powell

  23. J-SmOOvE

    since eddie house signed with the heat why dont we get t-mac or allen iverson

  24. J-SmOOvE

    this is off topic but can we get new retro’s

  25. Hawks

    AI or T-mac would not be good for our locker room. Too much egos.

  26. J-SmOOvE

    can we bring back sergiy gladyr he deadly from the three point range

  27. J-SmOOvE

    shaq to celtics way to go rick sund this has been the best offseason ever…. NOT!!!!

  28. mario

    i wish hes pretty good we still need a center

  29. Anonymous

    we dont need a dolonte west. First off he’s with the t-wolves now if u didn’t hear. second he makes bad passes,is an ugly shooter,and……. he just suks. so i agree we need to bring in eddie house, or rafer alston(veterans), but not delonte west.


    still can get rebounds and dunk and no center can push him around