The Atlanta Globetrotters

Thursday, August 12, 2010
By Jon Newberry

No, the Hawks aren’t playing exhibitions against the Washington Generals this offseason, but many of Atlanta’s players are raking in some serious frequent flyer miles.

While Horford has been seen plenty around the ATL this summer, he has probably logged more miles than any of his teammates. Starting with his trip to Singapore with the NBA’s  Basketball Without Borders program, Horford seems to be working at a different camp, clinic or showcase every week. (Click Here to watch Al’s Flip Cam footage from his trip to Singapore)

The Bleacher Report recently put Al in their list of Top-10 Foreign NBA Players, and earlier this month he returned to the Dominican Republic to give back to his homeland. Joined by plenty of current and former NBA players including Francisco Garcia, J.R. Smith, and BJ Armstrong, Horford conducted multiple free camps for local youths.

Earlier this summer Marvin conducted a camp in his hometown of Seattle, and this past week he jumped at the chance to join a host of NBA players as they traveled to Senegal for Basketball Without Borders – Africa.

Crawford spends most of his summer back in Seattle where he seems to split his time evenly between giving back to the community and playing basketball in various leagues and charity events. Check out some of his highlights in this previous post and visit his foundation’s website to see all of the ways he gives back.

Big Z has been playing for the Republic of Georgia’s national team, trying to qualify for EuroBasket 2011. His schedule takes him through many countries in Europe, including Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland and others. Through the first three games his team is 2-1 and Pachulia is tied for the second highest scoring average, trailing only the Bulls Luol Deng, who plays for Great Britain. (Previous Blog Post)

Powell scored 31 points in the championship game of the SJG Greater NC Pro-Am held in Durham. The three day tournament featured NBA players such as Raymond Felton and plenty of college and amateur talent. Check out these two stories written for SLAM Magazine about the tournament that has been dubbed the “Rucker of the South”. Tourney Recap | Day 1 Stories

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23 Responses to “The Atlanta Globetrotters”

  1. savannahga

    HEY EVERYONE what do you think the current EasternCO standings are
    5:I think these spots can
    6:Go for either Us or the knicks

  2. Hawksfanman

    I agree with savannahga’s lineup except for I think The Knicks might have us this year I mean

    Bibby/Teauge K Azuibike
    (OK we have an advantage here)

    Williams/Evans < Gallinari/Chandler
    (Not even a close comparison they kill us here)

    Smoov/Powell Turiaf/Mozgov/Curry
    (We win here, though Turiaf is still a strong defensive presence and Curry could be a problem if he decided to play well)

    My verdict we rank lower than the knicks, though we might pull a victory(6th in the east, unless boston age gets to them, so at best 5th)

  3. Hawksfanman

    Bibby/Teauge Azuibike

  4. Max#1HawksFan

    You guys have no idea what you are talking about. This will be the east’s lineup:

    1. Miami
    2. Orlando
    3. Boston
    4. Atlanta
    5. Chicago/Milwaukee
    6. Chicago/Milwaukee
    7. New York
    8. Charlotte/Washington

    Miami – obviously has improved. The big three are going to be the dominant force in the east, let alone the rest of the NBA. No one in the east will be able to get ahead of them in the playoffs. Besides their fantastic starting lineup, their bench is very solid too. Big Z, Eddie House, Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem. Although these names don’t sound too threatening, once the big three are being double and triple teamed, these guys will be left wide open. Eddie House and Mike Miller are masters of the three point line will be score in double figures while coming off the bench.I think the only team that can truly challenge them is the Lakers. Kobe vs. Wade; Lebron vs. Artest; Gasol vs. Bosh. Let the fun begin.

    Orlando – Although hasn’t “improved”, still has the best center in the league. Remember that Chris Bosh plays PF and not C so the Magic still hold the advantage over the heat in the deep post. Rashard Lewis, Jameer Nelson, and Vince Carter are extremely reliable and proven to be great entities to the Magic when Howard is being double teamed in the post. And now with all of the buzz about Orlando trying to acquire Chris Paul, the best PG in the NBA, the Magic could be a huge threat during playoff time.

    Boston – This saddens me to say this, but I believe the Hawks should have held this spot and they did…until the Celtics signed Shaq. Because of the Hawks’ lack of administrative leadership and by spending $120 mill on Joe, the Hawks do not have enough dominance in the post. Don’t get me wrong, I love Smoove and Horford, but they cannot match up to Kevin Garnett, Jermaine O’neal, Shaq, and Kendrick Perkins (when he’s healthy).

    ATL – Did not improve. Yes, it was essential to keep Joe Johnson in the lineup, but I think spending $120 mill was absurd. He is making more money than Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Dirk Nowitzki, Paul Pierce, and Chris Bosh and they are all centerpieces of their franchises. They added Josh Powell (signing) and Jordan Crawford (draft) but these pieces will not help the Hawks move into the third spot. I love the Hawks more than life itself but they are not going to crack the top three.

    Chicago – The Bulls had some pieces before the summer started and now have definitely refined their lineup. Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah will now be a very tough matchup in the post and when they are both being guarded, players like Derrick Rose, Luol Deng and Kyle Korver will be guaranteed open spots on the court. Their rotation can be very dangerous but their lacking bench will be their only weakness.

    Milwaukee – The Bucks scared the crap out of me when they forced the Hawks to a game seven in the first round of the playoffs last year. They had neither Andrew Bogut nor Michael Redd also. Bogut is rock solid. He’s truly developing into a great center and will be the anchor of the newest rising team in the east. BJ3 (Brandon Jennings) is a fantastic young PG (he scored 55 pts in one game during his rookie year!) and the Bucks also have John Salmons, Corey Maggette, and Chris Douglas-Roberts, all great factors on that team. They could be a surprising threat to a high east team during the first round, especially if they can nail another big name at the trade deadline.

    New York – They Knicks will make the playoffs only because of the other teams in the east. Every team before the Knicks on this list will be good, if not great. They all have developed starting lineups and can challenge any team in the league. The Knicks, although landing Amare Stoudemire (who is playing under Mike D’antoni – they were together in Phoenix), do not have enough other pieces of the puzzle to truly compete in the east. David Lee is gone and T-Mac is gone. Now the Knicks are left with average players, but definitely not those who can assure a coach a nightly double-double: Danillo Gallinari, Anthony Randolph, Kelenna Azibuke, Wilson Chandler, and Ronny Turiaf. I think the Knicks’ wait will finally be over next summer when they can attempt to land Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul, forming the east’s other “big 3″.

    Charlotte/Washington – Whichever team makes this spot has absolutely no chance agains the Heat. The Bobcats played well last year, making the playoffs for the first time in franchise history, but could not hold up during round one where they got swept by the King James’s Cavs. They have Stephen Jackson, Tyrus Thomas, and Gerald Wallace who are all great, but have absolutely nothing after that. They let go of Raymond Felton this summer (Knicks) and traded away Emeka Okafor to New Orleans last summer (which was very stupid in my opinion). The Wizards have even less than the Bobcats. The only reason why I include them on this list is that if somehow, John Wall and Gilbert Arenas can magically land them in the 8th spot of the playoffs. Javalle McGee (spelling*) is their best player, other than wall, and Josh Howard is still healing from an injury last season. They let go of Antawn Jamison (Cavs) and Caron Butler (Mavs) to loosen some cap space, but they lost their two best players which hurt them especially after Arenas was suspended for his “gun party” with Javaris Crittenton. Maybe John Wall’s dance can help land the Wizards in the playoffs?

    Enjoy this everybody, and I hope it’s correct. LETS GO HAWKS.

  5. J-SmOOvE

    Zach why don’t we just sign jerry stackhouse and Josh Boone? First because they are cheap and good. Second we will be bringing someone who can average a double-double each night and a legitamite shooter and defender. third if we sign them we will still be the 3rd or 4th seed in the east. In the 2 round of the playoffs u noticed that al horford didnt really play that much against dwight howard. if u look at his stats he averaged 14.2 ppg and 1 block.

    • Max#1HawksFan

      To be completely honest, that’s not a good idea. The Hawks now have less money than GM. Adding Josh Boone and Jerry Stackhouse wouldn’t do anything. Stackhouse was great back in the day on the Mavs but he’s gotten too old to keep up with other players at his position in the east (Lebron, Pierce, Rashard Lewis, etc). Boone is under average. He played alright last year in NJ but that is only because he could receive ample playing time because of his team’s record. The Hawks should have gotten Shaq and not wasted money on Josh Powell. Right now the Hawks need someone (along with Horford and Zaza) who can match up with Dwight Howard, Shaq, and Big Z. That’s why the Hawks will come in fourth. They have enough depth on their bench but not enough in the low post. And resigning Jason Collins and acquiring Josh Powell won’t do the trick. They spent too much on Joe!

  6. Hawksfanman

    problem is that suggestion still does not help us in any way move forward towards being elite in the east

  7. Hawksfanman

    Just a thought
    Melo wants to be traded before the season hmmmmm?

  8. J-SmOOvE

    I know i heard on the real gm dot com it said we “signed him”. I saw his highlights on youtube and turns out he’s pretty good. Ohh and ASG should look into trading zaza marvin moe and bibby to denver for melo. he wants out.

    • Hawksfanman

      No offense but that would be dumb, we lose our 2nd big guy off the bench (forcing collins to be the backup) we lose marvin who….. welll is a good peice, you lose mo who is our best perimeter defender who can score, and you lose bibby who leaves teauge as the starting PG even though hes not ready to play it, It would be a disaster the smart thing to do would be to trade Joe for Melo, melo is better than Joe in every way imaginable and he’s alot younger,plus we would reamin deep and ultimately get better, Your trade wouldnt help Denver at all which would make them not want to do it by getting joe they remain a good team, we in turn get better and dump that horrible contract.

      then sooner or later well have to package Smoov or horford and try and get a good pg and Center and a DP

  9. atownhawk23

    don’t think I’m taking it over board, but what was the point of having joke johnson back on the team since he didn’t do anything constructive but remain his lazy beep in a strip club. Because really if it wasn’t for the fans and the NBA he wouldn’t making it rain on any hookers or in hooker spots.

  10. Hawksfanman

    I think melo would be our best option right now i mean it would allow Jordan Crrawford ro get the playing time he deserves(because it doesent look like hell be playing to much this season) and it will help the hawks attract more talent I mean chris paul is trying to get to new york if we get mellow hell be trying to get to the hawks, and the best part is we dump Joes contract allowing us to resign al who will probablly be traded after that anyway, If we did get mellow It would be an extremely smart move for the team
    only problem is wed have to wait till december 15th



    Then wed have to package horford/bibby/Marvin/mo for Okafor and Paul

    then nnext summer we fill that open three spot with a good athletic perimeter defender like Marquis daniels,or Jared Dudley

  11. J-SmOOvE

    i do zach and why cant we trade for melo? Hello im talking about trading for someone who could help with scoring. averaged 28 points!!! First off marvin u suck. second bibby u dont suck but your to old to play like you used to. third zaza u are foul prone and u suck. third i never liked mo.

  12. J-SmOOvE

    yea we need to sign horford and jamal to an extension nxt year. But dont give them anything so unbeleivable it blows our cap space like what they did with joe. And sign melo. all the centers are gone but we still can trade for him just lie the braves did with derrek lee <– love this trade we goin to be world series champs again!

  13. Mz. Hawkdafied

    The Atlanta Globetrotters has a nice ring to it. Picture it a half time show of Harry the Hawk, Sky Hawk, the A Team and A Town dancers pretending to be the Harlem Globetrotters but with an ATL swag. I can dig it.

    Good for Marvin, Zaza, Al, Jamal, and Josh P enjoying their summer (off season).

    Peace out, go Hawks!

  14. atownhawk23

    Have y’all ever had an itch that you really can’t get rid of. Well, Joe is like that to me. It seems like every time I get mad at him I just cant stop becoming stan. That letter better be true because it made my eyes wet. stop it.

  15. Jordan

    Nope. I say:

    1. Miami
    2. Atlanta
    3. Boston
    4. Orlando
    5. Chicago
    6. Toronto
    7. Cleveland
    8. Washington

    Miami starters:
    PG – Eddie House
    SG – Dwayne Wade
    SF – LeBron James
    PF – Chris Bosh
    C – Zyandrus Ilgauskas

    obviously number one Miami – agreed

    ATL finally got a BIG center (Josh Powell), so they can grab number two spot

    Boston got Shaq, and can take number three

    Orlando has done nothing, but they can still be dominant – number four

    Chicago picked up Boozer – number five

    Toronto – lost Bosh, but I think DeMar DeRozan and Jarrett Jack will be spectacular. it’s a wild card, but number six

    Cleveland – with Antawn, Delonte, and Sebastian, they could still make number seven

    and finally Washington – I think John Wall will be good, but I think he will be a dud compared to other number one picks in history. he didn’t impress me in college, and i think he will do just well enough to push the returning Gilbert Arenas and the wizards into the number eight slot in the playoffs. :) that’s my final remark. thank you for reading my east predictions!!!

  16. Hawksfanman

    Do you know who Josh Powell is? Bruh? He’s 6’9 and he isnt very dominant and hes a forward he barely played in LA for a reason but hes not going to play much here much less help the franchise, and Are you serious orlando is still going to be better than us bro, and My b Zach I did forget the bucks


    Sixers are better than wizards definately


  17. FeartheDeer7

    Dear Jordan,
    In all politeness, when was the last time you watched or read about basketball? Sure your first 5 picks are reasonable, but why on earth do you have Cleveland and Toronto in the playoffs over teams like Milwaukee and Charlotte. As a die hard Bucks fan, I really enjoyed watching the Hawks in the playoffs especially in Round 1. I give you guys a lot of credit for being a fun, young, and athletic team. However, I see that Joe Johnson put your team in the financial hole this offseason. In round one of the playoffs, the Bucks proved to outplay the Hawks for the most part even without our star Center Andrew Bogut. Previous to Bogut’s injury, the Bucks were already very strained at the 4 and 5 positions. This offseason GM John Hammond proved his title as Executive of the Year by resigning SG John Salmons: acquiring veterans Corey Maggette, Drew Gooden, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Keyon Dooling, Jon Brockman: and drafting athletic big man Larry Sanders. With all this action, the Bucks only lost backup PG Luke Ridnour to free agency. Add all these new additions to the already solid lineup of Brandon jennings, Bogut, Ersan ilyasova, Carlos Delfino, and Luc Mbah A Moute. And Cleveland and Toronto as playoff caliber teams? Honestly, as much sympathy I feel towards those organization, I believe they are in for several years of rebuilding. I understand that you are entitled to your opinion, but I am just making sure the Milwaukee Bucks get their deserved respect in the world of basketball. FEAR THE DEER!!!!

  18. Max#1HawksFan

    Finally someone agrees with me. And come on people, I want to hear your arguments and tear them apart. Bring it on!

  19. Carrie K

    oh no they want. they are going to be 7 or 8 seed because these players busy extending family this year.

  20. atownhawk23

    U have my vote. I love the bucks. Don’t hate the hawks need to grow up anyway with they sorry behinds. Oh, and for the record Joke Johnson is a fake. All he care about is making it rain.

    Kiss the baby, kiss the baby.

  21. J-SmOOvE

    yeah i get that but you know if we sign jerry he will be our starting shooting guard, moving joe to small foward.And moe cant play that good. that’s why i am sayin we should be trading zaza, mo and marvin for cash considerations, and future second round picks. that way we have enough money to sign all these guys.