Josh Powell Camp Features ATL Legends

Monday, August 30, 2010
By Jon Newberry

Josh Powell recently held his annual basketball camp in Raleigh, NC. As in years past, Josh was able to bring in another Atlanta High School legend, Dwight Howard, to lend a hand. Check out the video below from ONE Entertainment. Make sure you watch through to the end and check out some of Powell’s highlights starting at about the two-minute mark.

[vsw id=”e8olqCb3iDE” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

25 Responses to “Josh Powell Camp Features ATL Legends”

  1. Mr. Hawk

    Signing a third team All- NBA player to a MAX deal, Not picking up any worth while free agents, acting like they dont want to sign Jamal Crawford, re- signing Collins and not addressing the center issue makes me wonder what is going on. Why not explain to joe that if we sign you to a deal worth less to get a key free agent, would it have worked out? I see Miami, Chicago and Boston got better through free agents and trades, PLEASE show me where the Hawks have bettered themselves. They have a bigger payroll with the same talent, something doesnt add up. Am I the only fan who notices this.

  2. J-SmOOvE

    whoa havent been on for a while. on i heard that we are close to a deal with etan thomas. he would solve our center crisis.

  3. J-SmOOvE

    Zach what up dog been on a vaca. I also heard we got Pape Sy. He goin to be our teyshaun prince.

  4. J-SmOOvE

    training camp in a month which means alot of trades. if u like this trade Marvin williams gets traded to denver for JR smith tell me

  5. J-SmOOvE

    Make Eaton start. If you make zaza start he will foul out

  6. J-SmOOvE

    Zach I want to see zaza get delt some where. I hear miami needs a bigman. We trade zaza for cash and a future 2nd rounder

  7. Hawksfanman

    Its over. so over joe johnson we want to run this team into the ground now ppl are talking about signing AI to replace him? WTF?

  8. J-SmOOvE

    ok well we send him to nyk i hear they have money. The point is i want him to get traded. He cant go a minute without fouling 5 guys.

  9. J-SmOOvE

    Zach why u cpoyin qoutes from micheal cunningham in an ajc post?

  10. J-SmOOvE

    How much and how long is the extension for jamal?

  11. J-SmOOvE

    Here this im goin on right and the rumor is that golden state want to trade monta ellis. Zach this is the part you tell me why we should get him. Im talkin a trade for him sending marvin mo and zaza there.this is a steal and if asg wants to make a grown man move go for that.

    • Hawksfanman

      If we trade Mo Zaza and marvin we will play worse next year, dnt get me wrong We will score more points we will just loose more games youre trading your best 2 perimeter defenders for an injury prone guard who doesnt play defense, and could mess up chemistry because he needs to dominate the ball, and your best big man off the bench? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

      • J-SmOOvE

        are you kidding me? did u just say that marvin and mo are our best perimeter defenders? Can i ask u a q? Did you see the orlando series? I mean just even one game. you saw guys like carter,Peitrus,and barnes score 20 a nite. so please dont even say that they are our best guys perimeter defenders.ROFL LMAO LMFAO

  12. Hawksfanman

    Now if we brought reggie williams I’s feel a little better about the trade

    • J-SmOOvE

      ok so i agree with you this time. His 15 points will be useful in LD’s new offense. and if we trade marvin and mo we still have pape sy

  13. Hawksfanman

    honestly I think its rebuilding time we should move forward with Teauge and (Jordan) Crawford, and Either AL or Josh, (Probably Al), and trade everybody up for a good anchor to the team and alot of potential, becuz if we lose Jamal were taking steps back were not going to win a championship either way so might as well rebuild, I would really like reggie williams on the team.

  14. J-SmOOvE

    zach are u saying that we are going to sign horford and jamal the same day? Ohh and are you getting any updates about pape sy. One more thing when are jaml’s agent and sund goin to meet. tell him we need to sign him to a 3 year deal.

  15. J-SmOOvE

    zach are u sure?

  16. J-SmOOvE

    ok zach lol. well i just want to know your source

  17. J-SmOOvE

    so u mean to tell me dwight howard is going to be at training camp?

  18. J-SmOOvE

    Lol me to but does van exel help us?

  19. J-SmOOvE

    zach im not even trying to fight he thinks that marvin and mo can help us on perimeter D. please go tell your mom what u said so she can give u a slap up side your head. please

  20. J-SmOOvE

    well i wouldnt say monta is has a big ego. So i agree with one thing your sayin

  21. J-SmOOvE

    Cool!! when are they going to announce it to the press? Ohh and Deron Williams is like melo, he wants out!! This is a chance to sign a guy we should have signed in 2005 instead of marvin.