Smoove Lines

Friday, September 17, 2010
By Jon Newberry

Josh Smith is back in front of the camera this summer, shooting another national advertisement for one of the biggest brands in sports alongside some of the league’s other young stars. Last summer it was an Adidas spot with Derrick Rose, Chauncey Billups and others, and this summer he is featured in 2KSports promotion of 2K11.

The commercial features Rose, Andre Iguodala, Russell Westbrook and Rajon Rondo. Smith is great in the spot, delivering two of the better lines. Check out the clip below to see for yourself.

[vsw id=”fCHMgbGZq3I” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

It’s great to see the Hawks players getting some national attention, and if you watch closely in many of the commercials that show the video game clips the Hawks are the featured team on the court.

What do you think of J-Smoove’s acting skills this time around?

12 Responses to “Smoove Lines”

  1. J-SmOOvE

    by joeseph never needed u for the inside scoop.

  2. Hometeam

    I like it! Good to see Josh with the other young stars.

  3. jj

    Can’t eat sushi in Utah brotha – Land Locked!

  4. Anonymous

    this was a nice ad

  5. Anonymous

    why was d-Rose cooking the whole time

  6. Keturah

    That was an awesome commercial! Josh has great acting skills. He and the other stars should make a movie 2gether.

  7. J-SmOOvE

    hawks training camp begins september 28th preseason starts october 7th nba season starts october 27th or 28th

  8. truhawkfan

    man this was so funny these are most of my favorite players and Josh and D rose was trippin OH!! can’t forget Rondo they were the funniest.LMAO

  9. Hawksfanman

    we need to sign al to a 4 year 40 million dollar deal than resign jamal, trade Al, Marvin, and Bibby. Gor CP3 and Emeka Okafor.


    we could win a chamionship brah

  10. rochelle

    who gose to win in th playoff
    it is lakers or miami heat.

  11. J-SmOOvE

    i kno what you mean. Just know we aren’t goin to go after melo because we have no money

  12. J-SmOOvE

    hell no beacause theres nobody in the league with the same contract as jamal that has his shooting ability