Drew's Dress Rehearsal

Wednesday, October 6, 2010
By hometeam

The Larry Drew era begins! In preseason at least, as the Hawks open up preseason against the Memphis Grizzlies. The team has been banging, running, and battling against each other for a few weeks now and are now ready to do those things against someone else. While the starters wont log many minutes, the bench players will get some extensive run to try out the attack. The team has had very good practices and have had high energy levels throughout training camp.

Some players have picked up the offense rather quickly while others are still progressing. New captain Josh Smith is one of the guys who is picking up the offense and has been very encouraging to all of his teammates, directing traffic on the floor and giving pointers from the sidelines. Don’t be surprised if he’s doing a little coaching himself from the sideline as he has been very passionate in helping his teammates.

Moving Around

Fans should get a good peak at the new offense for the first time.  There will be a lot of movement from the wing men to the bigs down low. Passing and good decisions are the things to evaluate, and how fluid the offense looks for the first time will be points of note. Also how well th bigs rebound

Banged Up

Papy Sy, Al Horford, Jamal Crawford, Josh Powell, and Mo Evans have been limited in practice due to injury. None of are major concern and being healthy is a top priority for coach Drew as the regular season approaches. Don’t expect preseason records to be broken by any of theses guys.

Return of the Law

Former Atlanta Hawk Acie Law will be at Philips arena. The former first round pick will now be a part of the Memphis bench and he should get some playing time as the Grizzlies bench is expected to be better than the unit that was the lowest scoring in the league at 20 points per game. Law, who spent two seasons with the Hawks is now playing for his fifth team in his career since 2007. Jeff Teague and Acie should be on the floor for many minutes and it should be an interesting watch.