Bring On the HEAT

Thursday, October 21, 2010
By Jon Newberry

If you can’t stand the HEAT, then get out of the kitchen and head down to the Highlight Factory tonight.

The revamped Miami Heat, by far the biggest story of the NBA offseason, visit Philips Arena for a match-up that could alter the tone of the Hawks lackluster preseason. Atlanta enters the game 1-4 in the preseason and is coming off of a 29-point home loss to the Magic earlier this week. No one is hitting the panic button, but no one is exactly encouraged by the early results.

There is not one glaring reason that can be identified as the root of the Hawks struggles this preseason. Instead it is a variety of issues that have produced the losses. A number of players have been hampered by injuries, the new offensive schemes have caused the team to play tentative at times, and the defense has been inconsistent. Not to mention the fact that IT IS THE PRESEASON. The games don’t “count”.


Tonight could change everything when it comes to how people view the Hawks progress. If the Hawks starters can go toe-to-toe with the Heat and come out on top then the whole perception of the preseason would change.

Whenever a change is made (in this case it is the coaching staff and offensive philosophy) there is going to be an adjustment period. A lot of the time it just takes a little success for everyone to buy in. Once that happens things could “click” and the Hawks could be on their way.

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