Warming Up Like an MVP – Part 1

Monday, November 8, 2010
By Jon Newberry

This season we will take a look at the warm-up routines for each of the former MVP’s that are still in the league when they visit the Highlight Factory.

Steve Nash – NBA MVP in 2005-06 & 2004-05

In all honesty, Nash is the former MVP that motivated this series of posts. His warm up routine is extremely active and specific. Every time he has visited Philips Arena in the past three years he has gone through the same routine.

Nash first enters the main floor with the scoreboard clock showing 65:30.

He begins his routine close to the basket before quickly moving to a spot on the right side of the lane about 10 feet from the basket. Unlike a lot of players, his shots are not a relaxed catch and shoot from a flat-footed position. Instead, Nash is constantly in motion and often precedes his shots with a game-like move such as a jab-step or dribble. Near the end of his shots from the elbow (probably around 40-50 shots total in the 10-15 foot range) he alternates using one dribble with either hand before his shot.

The next spot for the former MVP’s warm-up routine is the top of the key, where the college 3-point line would be. He starts with a short jab-step, hesitate and pull type shot before moving to shooting off of one dribble in various directions. He hit his first 11 shots from this spot and ends up hitting a ridiculous 46-of-53 overall.

Up next is 3-pointers, starting with the right corner. This is the most standard part of Nash’s routine, as he goes with a basic catch and shoot technique. He seems to be trying to shoot 12 from each spot, but interruptions and misses may alter the exact number. Here are the breakdowns from each spot:

  • Right Corner – 9/13
  • Right Wing – 9/12
  • Top of the Key – 11/11
  • Left Wing – 10/12
  • Left Corner – 13/17
    TOTAL – 52/65 (That is 80% for those of you keeping score at home)

On to free throws, Nash does not waste time with a dribble routine, instead he uses a simple catch, focus, shoot pattern. He shot 15 free throws. He made 15 free throws.

Nash finished his warm up with 10-20 layups with either hand coming from underneath the basket.

He leaves the main court with 49:20 showing on the arena scoreboard, making his routine an efficient 15 minutes and 50 seconds.

Not bad for a pre-game routine. Just a small sample of the work ethic that made him a two-time MVP.

UP NEXT: Dirk on Nov. 20th and KG and Shaq on Nov. 22.