Moving On… but Taking Note

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
By Jon Newberry

It may be a blessing that the Hawks don’t have any time to brood over last night’s loss to the Celtics. They flew to New Jersey after the game last night and will face the Nets at 7pm tonight at the Prudential Center ( Preview).

Many times the best strategy is to have a short memory. Don’t let what happened last night effect how you play the next time out. There are nights when the ball just isn’t going to bounce your way. Listening to Coach Drew’s comments after the game, this was not a game that he wanted to just brush aside and move on without making some changes.

“This was very embarrassing, very, very embarrassing,” said Drew after the game. “If I had to sum it up in one word, embarrassing…to come out and play with that type of energy, that type of urgency. I addressed the team right after the game, and what I see with our team right now, I don’t feel real good about. I’ll be meeting with my coaches and I’ll be watching this game. I’m going to go back and look at our last four games and look and see what’s going on with our team. We are not coming out ready to play, and we’re not playing with a sense of urgency.”

The Hawks have a chance to get back on track with a stretch of very winnable games (Nets, Wizards, Knicks and Raptors) the rest of this week, but some changes will have to take place.

“Even though our core has been together for a while, we’re still searching for an identity,” commented Veteran Mo Evans, “which is pretty evident by the way we played.”

Coach Drew wants that identity to be defense and hard work, but those are the two areas that seem to be failing the Hawks the most at this point in the season. One thing is certain, getting embarrassed on your home court should be plenty of motivation for the Hawks in Jersey tonight.

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10 Responses to “Moving On… but Taking Note”

  1. Tony

    I have two questions? 1. What happened to Josh playing inside out and foregoing the long jump shots; and 2. Why is Marvin Williams still starting?

  2. Mr. Hawk

    The Hawks need to look into trading Marvin Williams, Etan Thomas and Jeff Teague. Last nights game looked like they were not even interested in playing!!! Its not Coach Drews fault, make a TRADE and show players that all is not comfortable. The Hawks need new blood.

    C- ?
    SF- Josh Smith
    PF- Al Horford
    SG- Joe Johnson
    PG- ?

    Can they PLEASE invest in a center and point guard??

  3. AtlHawks

    i think they need a linup change. they need to move j. smoove down to the SF position and move Horford Down To The PF position. i think biby should be traded. he’s just not the same anymore. they need a good solid bigman, And A point Guard That Can Make Good Decisions. lets go hawks!

  4. Hawk Insider( aka J-SmOOvE)

    joe johnson continues to struggle. Rick Sund was it worth signing joe to 124 million bucks? We could have got a beter SG for cheap and look for someone in the front court. LD needs to be fired. Itz obvious that these guys aren’t buying into this “motion offense”. I mean this “core” can’t score (hey that rhymes:))

  5. Hawk Insider( aka J-SmOOvE)

    i think he signed joe that long was because he thought we can be in the playoffs for 6 years. truth is, THe way the hawks are playing right now, it wouldn’t suprise me that the hawks have the worst record in nba history.

  6. Mr. Hawk


  7. Mr. Hawk

    We’ll take Bynum and Nash, like yesterday!

  8. Mr. Hawk

    @hawksinsider, it’s Thanksgiving not April Fools!!! MAKE A TRADE!!!!!

  9. Mr. Hawk

    7 points,10 rebounds,7 assists
    3-15 shooting
    $16,325,500 this year
    Joe Johnson!!!! NBA ALL-STAR but Thank you Jamal Crawford!!!

  10. Mr. Hawk

    @HAWKSSINSIDER, 10 game winning streak? I hope that will happen. Where is Pape Sy?!