Quick Healing Joe

Friday, December 17, 2010
By Jon Newberry

Joe Johnson returned WEEKS ahead of schedule when Larry Drew reinserted the Hawks All-Star guard into the starting line-up for Friday night’s match-up with the Bobcats.

Joe spoke with Michael Cunningham of the AJC before the game:

“The therapy just went great, the swelling’s gone down,” Johnson said. “We’ve just been shooting (with) no pain. It’s just feeling great, so I just didn’t feel like it was necessary to wait another two weeks and leave the guys hanging out there like that when I can really get out there and give ‘em everything I got.”

The Hawks started 4-1 without Joe, but had lost three of their last four and looked in desperate need of a go-to scorer in last night’s loss in Boston.

Joe finished the night with 16 points, eight assists, five rebounds, and did not seem to be bothered by the elbow. He got to the line three times and did not shy away from shooting from long range, attempting six shots from behind the arc.

How surprised were JJ’s teammates to hear that he was back?

“From the minute he (Joe) came in here (pregame) and told us he was going to play, nobody believed him,” commented Marvin Williams after the win. “He healed so fast.”

Coach Drew wasn’t expecting to have Joe, but he wasn’t completely surprised by his progress.

“I knew Joe had been working out while we were gone,” said LD. “He had done a lot of shooting, and I knew he was pain-free.”

15 Responses to “Quick Healing Joe”

  1. Mr. Hawk

    Orlando just made a MONSTER trade, no make that two MONSTER trades. What are the Hawks going to do to keep up?!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hawksfanman

      1:Jameer Nelson/Chris Duhon
      2:Gilbert Arenas/JJ redick
      3:Jason Richardson/Quenton Richardson
      4:Brandon Bass/Ryan Anderson
      5:Dwight Howard/?

      Heat:(when healthy)
      4:Chris Bosh/Haslem

      Boston:(when healthy)


      Now were looking at atleast 4 in the east, even though I feel like we will be lower than that because (chicago and NY have chances of finishing higher than us)
      Now with the trade i proposed above our lineup will be
      Now with this lineup not only will we win games, we also gain the best fanbase the hawks have ever had, and on top of that we become instant contenders, also we become younger so well be good for a long time Paul is younger and better than bibby, Anthony is younger and better than Joe, Mayo isnt better than Jamal but hea younger and hasnt reached his potential, and also thabeet has potential to be the next Mutumbo.
      and on top of this the trade makes sense fir every team involved. the only thing that might not happen is the whole Joe for melo thing(but it could happen because the nuggets will not get any thing for losing melo if they dont trade him and the knicks are going to give them a whole bunch of scrubs)

  2. Mr. Hawk

    Not playing virtual GM or anything but all I know is they need to make a trade. Jameer Nelson sounds like a plan, but how would we get him and who would you let go? My pick would be Marvin. He’s a good player, but i think his time needs to be up in Atlanta. Anthony’s not going anywhere but New York. How could we REALLY (not trade machine) aquire Chris Paul, and would he even come here? Atlanta needs to give this team a shot in the arm! MO, Marvin, (new) Crawford…….. RICK SUND PLEASE HEAR MY CRY!!! As im crying I see where Miami just won another. 12 in a row!!! WHY DIDNT WE MAKE ANY MAJOR TRADES!!!! im dying here, even NY has been….nevermind!! Well we got JOE, right!

  3. Mr. Hawk

    I’ll keep my mouth shut til after the trade deadline, i’ll see if the hawks have the same team after Feb. We all know they need to make a huge trade or trades. why is it taking so long?!

  4. HawksInsider

    I like Hawks guard Pape Sy has looked good in practice lately but with no playing time available he soon could be sent to the NBA Development League, coach Larry Drew said.

    “I think it would suit him better to play than to sit around and practice all the time,” Drew said on Monday. “He needs some playing experience.”

    The Utah Flash, Atlanta’s D-League affiliate, don’t play again until Jan. 1. Drew said a decision on whether to send Sy there would be made closer to that time.

    Sy was virtually unknown in scouting circles when the Hawks selected him in the second round of the most recent draft. The Hawks contributed to a buyout of the final year of his contract with French club Le Havre.

    Sy suffered an Achilles injury during summer league. He missed all of training camp due to a bad back and was listed on the injury report for 18 games to start the season before being cleared to practice.

    “He has not been complaining of any soreness,” Drew said. “He’s looked strong. He’s looked sharp, very similar to how he was this summer prior to him getting hurt during Summer League. Just strong, explosive. Very decisive, very sure of himself in playing.”

  5. HawksInsider

    Lat night Hawks put Gilbert Arenas & Jason Richardson on Kiss Cam. JRich blew kisses to the crowd. Arenas wrapped arm around JRich, leaned in & smiled

  6. Hawksfanman

    Trade will never happe n and it doesent make sense, with mine were still better than everybody the only challengers are lakers and celtics

  7. Hawksfanman

    Hawksindider ive come to the conclusion that your a fake and that you dont know anything about the hawks, becasue you suggest some really stupid things that will never happen

  8. Hawksfanman

    You dont know if theres know chemistry until you try it out bra, 2nd are you serious? Carmelo plays just like joe joe is just a better passer, Melo scores easier and in more ways, more athletic, better shooter, better rebounder, bigger, better defender, joe also might and thats a big might be a better ball handler. And did you ask why we would trade JOE? Because he was signed to the worst contract in basketball history! And we need to dump him some where and denver is only going to trade him to the knicks for some scrubs, and if the knicks get him they’ll be better than us and they’ll be another step closer to beating getting chris paul if they do that kiss our championship dreams good bye. Cmon, do you mean to tell me that that is not a sexy lineup? Are you serious we would be friggin invincible!

  9. HawksInsider


  10. HawksInsider