That's Why He is "The Difference"

Thursday, January 6, 2011
By Jon Newberry

True to his nickname, Jamal Crawford was “The Difference” during the Hawks’ three-game winning streak on the road. He broke out his entire repertoire last night, delivering a 4-point play and a half court buzzer-beater on his way to scoring 26 points off the bench. Jamal has been a complete team player this season, buying in to the new team philosophy of sharing the ball on offense and cutting back on isolation plays. His point totals have been down a bit, but don’t think Coach Drew or the team have taken for granted the type of spark and productivity Crawford brings off the bench each night.

Now, with Marvin Williams out with an injury, Crawford has stepped up again to fill the void. Jamal averaged almost 27 points on the road trip, and Hawks fans know that his points are never quiet. With his long range shots, his shifty moves with the ball, and his ability to score in bunches, Crawford is a dream come true for a highlight editor for SportsCenter.



Joe Johnson’s brilliant play the last three games might fly under the radar, but JJ is used to that by now. He averaged over 28 points per game and shot 63% from the field the last two nights combined. Joe seems to have found his rhythm for the first time this season, and when he gets in the zone there is little a defender can do.

Mo Evans also played his best game of the year last night, at least in terms of statistics. He scored a season-high 13 points, including three shots from behind the arc. He got to the line, grabbed a few boards and clogged up the passing lanes during his 22 minutes of action.

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