Avoid the Trap Game

Friday, January 7, 2011
By Jon Newberry

There are many warning signs that point to a Hawks let down on Saturday night when the Pacers visit the Highlight Factory. To name a few…

The Hawks have many streaks on the line:
– 3 Game winning streak overall
– 9 Game home winning streak
– 8 Game winning streak against Indiana (dating back to Nov. 2008)
– 7 Game home winning streak against Indy (dating back to Dec. 2006)

The Hawks returned to Atlanta after 3am following their win in Utah on Wednesday night. The adjustment back to Eastern Standard Time after spending significant time on the West Coast can be tough on the mind and body.

The Hawks have to be feeling pretty good about themselves. A 3-1 road trip. A convincing road win over one of the the best teams in the Western Conference. Not to mention the fact that they have already beaten the Pacers twice this season (once without Joe).

Okay, now that we have gone over most of the red flags let me reverse direction and say that Larry Drew will have his Hawks focused and ready.

LD was clearly most concerned about the team being able to readjust to the time zone and get back in the routine of playing at home, but for the first time this year the schedule did the Hawks a favor. A two day break has given Atlanta time to adjust and recover. Plus, no one had to play extended minutes during the last two games of the road trip, meaning all of the key players should be well rested.

As for the possibility of being overconfident, I don’t think that will be an issue. Coach Drew has done a good job of making sure the team is always prepared and respects their opponent. The team’s record against inferior teams this season speaks for itself.


Marvin Williams did not practice today and the team has not released a definite timeline for his return. He did tell Coach Drew that he “felt good” and was moving around without pain, but back injuries can be tricky and require patience to heal.

22 Responses to “Avoid the Trap Game”


    who cares joe and jamal are playing out there mind basketball


    pape sy in d-leage
    g gs mpg fg% 3p% ft% off def tot apg spg bpg to pf ppg


    snowy in the atl i dont know yet if game is postponed if any updates come i will tell yall


    it makes since but i dont think the suns want to trade robin lopez and i dont think the hawks need him

  5. Hawk Insider( aka J-SmOOvE)

    we would be over the cap room. hawks will be over luxery tax


    tnaks for coming back i had my hands full bro

  7. Hawk Insider( aka J-SmOOvE)

    I like the trade because jamal is the guy who i think can really replace amar’e stoudamires offense that was in pheonix. I also like it because we are getting a really good point gaurd who makes plays for this team. We also trade mike bibby for cash and then we make jordan crawford 6th man and we all know he is what jamal was in new york, a pure scorer. So what ya think?

    PG- Steve Nash
    SG- Joe Johnson
    SF- a new small foward!!
    PF- Josh Smith
    C- Al Horford

  8. Hawk Insider( aka J-SmOOvE)

    Shane Battier provides good solid defense for us, and he can shoot.. somtimes lol! Ill look for some more small fowards that could make sense for us. ill keep u posted! ohh and the reason why i havent been on in a while is because of school. sorry i will try to give u guys more updates on the hawks and give you good finaccial and making sense trades. GO HAWKS!!!


    i dont know if i want to trade jamal the only people that need to be traded is marvin teage and bibby but maybe this trade will work but trade jackson and moe for nene and picks and cash

  10. Hawk Insider( aka J-SmOOvE)

    nevermind trading mike for cash we trade for iguodala

    new line up bench

    PG- Steve Nash Jeff Teague
    SG- Andre Iguodala Jordan Crawford
    SF- Joe Johnson Mo Evans
    PF- Josh Smith Josh Powell
    C- Al Horford Zaza Pachulia

  11. Hawk Insider( aka J-SmOOvE)

    we still have jordan crawford who is a really extremely good shoter. we need steve nash because he can make plays for us and he can shoot. jordan to 6th man.


    true but like i said i dont think jamal should be traded maybe a trade like this for we can have both jordan and jamal steve who an run our off Offense andre now we got 2 shooter smoove and al
    steve nash
    joe johnson jamal crawford jordaan
    andre moe
    josh josh maurice
    al spencer jason
    and it also makes since for we can compete with the east


    but marvin is still here