Deja Vu – Featuring Mike Bibby

Thursday, January 13, 2011
By Jon Newberry

Just in case you missed the highlight, here is a breakdown of the play Coach Drew set up for Mike Bibby’s go-ahead 3-pointer with eight seconds remaining in last night’s win in Toronto:

First, let’s set the stage. Bibby is on the court with Joe Johnson, Smoove and Horford, with Jamal inbounding. Smoove and Al are each at the elbows while Mike and Joe are hovering on the baseline. Toronto has each defender tightly on their man, except for DeMar DeRozan, who is sagging off of Smoove, clearly anticipating the Hawks decision to go to Joe or Mike.

– Mike initiates the play by moving toward the basket and motions to Joe as if setting up a screen. He does a good job of selling the fake and his defender takes a step toward the baseline to bump Joe off his cut.

– The small separation is all Bibby needs as he darts through the middle of Smoove and Al. The big men close the door and force Jose Calderon and DeRozan to go around them to challenge Bibby’s shot.

– The result? Mike’s shot barely even hit the net as he helped the Hawks to their fifth straight win.

Now here is where the “Deja Vu” comes into play…

On December 6 of this season, Bibby hit a huge 3-pointer in the final minute of the Hawks’ win in Orlando. The shot put the Hawks up by six with 26 seconds remaining, so it was not the exact same circumstances, but play that got Bibby open was very similar.

– Josh Smith got the ball on the wing during live action this time.

– Bibby uses Jamal Crawford as a decoy this time, and is moving away from the ball.

– Horford and Josh Powell close the gate to give Mike the necessary space and hit drills the clutch 3-ball.

To give you a better idea of exactly what I am talking about, check out both highlights with the link below.