Dodging Bullets

Thursday, January 20, 2011
By Jon Newberry

Elite teams find ways to win games that they shouldn’t… Case and point, both the Celtics and the Magic won last night despite trailing their opponents a large majority of their respective games.

The Magic needed overtime to beat the Sixers (recap).

Boston trailed by as many as eight points in the fourth quarter before rallying for the victory (recap).

The main point is that it can be frustrating to scoreboard watch in the NBA. Especially this early in the season.

The good news is that the Hawks are one of only two teams in the league (Utah is the other) that have not lost a game that was decided by three points or less. Atlanta is 4-0 in these games, while Miami is 1-5 in the same type of contests.

A lot of the media have criticized the Hawks’ record against teams that are .500 or better, but a quick glance at the NBA standings this morning shows that Atlanta is now 8-9 against such teams. Yes, that is still not great, but Orlando (11-11), Chicago (10-8) and Miami (12-10) are not much better and do not get nearly as much criticism.