Tuesday Practice Report

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
By Jon Newberry

“Felt a little weird.” That was Coach Drew’s comment after having a full squad practice on Tuesday for one of the first times this month.

LD would not commit to a starting line-up for Wednesday’s game in Milwaukee, saying “I’m going to soak in having all of the guys back, and on the plane ride up there I will think about it a little bit.”

On Tuesday the Hawks focused on offensive execution during the latter portion of practice. This is the time of year where teams start making adjustments to how they are being defended, and LD and his staff had a few things they wanted to go over.

One play in particular was of note. Not because of anything tricky with the play itself, but because veteran Mike Bibby called for an alley-oop while walking through the play. He was calling for it in jest, but when a few teammates called into question his ability to dunk, he was adamant that he could. Sure enough, when the team spread to all the baskets for free throws, Bib proved that he could still play above the rim and dunked without too much visible strain.

Focus at the Highlight Factory
Players and coaches alike are determined to bring the success on the road back to Philips Arena. Last season the Hawks were 19-22 on the road and 34-7 at home (tied for second best in the NBA). This year the team has already lost that many games at home, but has been one of the best road teams in the Eastern Conference at 15-9.

Coach Drew:
“To me it looks like we play a little bit more with a sense of urgency on the road than we have at home. We have to do a better job with that.”

Co-captain Joe Johnson:
“I have no clue. I mean I think our fans do a great job of making this a hostile environment here in Atlanta, but we haven’t been that great at home. I’m sure we’ll get it together soon.”

12 Responses to “Tuesday Practice Report”

  1. Mr. Hawk




  2. timr

    Another note to Josh Smith: STOP shooting 3 pointers. Last year, there was an article somewhere, where he himself even said, that he has to stop shooting them. Being from, and living in Milwaukee, I was at the Bucks-Hawks game last night, and it was embarrassing. Smith was 6-20 from the floor, and most of it was because of bad shot selection. The Bucks have NO firepower at all, with their 2 starting guards, Jennings and salmons out of the game and the Hawks couldn’t beat them? Joe Johnson was and should be upset for not getting the ball. Larry Drew is a clone of Mike woodson when it comes to offensive scheme.

  3. Mr. Hawk

    How much is Josh Smith taking bad shots the fault of the coach? I really like Coach Drew, but he seems not to be able to control Josh Smith. Everything else to me is going good so far. I understand that Joe may not be that vocal and leads by example, but the team star needs to put a bug in the ear of Smoove. When you have Jamal and Al as hot as they were, you continue to feed them! That’s Basketball 101. I think Josh plays hard, but he needs to mature a bit. Not all calls are good calls, you have to learn to control your temper. If you are not on that night (6 for 20) it is OK to give it up! You were in the game for defensive reasons. PLAY WITHIN YOUR GAME, MAN!! Bad shots, bad decisions, and bad attitude that don’t work. Grow up MAN.

  4. Hawk Insider( aka J-SmOOvE)

    marvin smh… why did u have to be suspended?

  5. Hawk Insider( aka J-SmOOvE)

    hawks would love to dump marvin

  6. Hawk Insider( aka J-SmOOvE)

    they wont go for that harris is too talented


    No way Golden state will do that trade Stephen is to vauble to the team