Al Practices… So Does "His Airness"

Friday, February 11, 2011
By Jon Newberry

Both Al Horford and Michael Jordan participated (in a limited capacity) in practice in the past 36 hours, but don’t assume that means either one of them will be in uniform on Saturday night at the Highlight Factory. (Buy Tickets)

Jordan, the Chairman (and majority owner) of the Charlotte Bobcats, ran full court and scrimmaged with his team on Thursday for the first time this season. He has done this in the past as well, both with the Bobcats and with the Wizards before his final comeback with Washington. This latest participation should be interpreted as nothing more than Jordan trying to get his team to work harder and maybe get a little exercise at the same time… but always turns a few heads to see one of the NBA greats back in competitive mode on the court.

As for Al Horford, his status for tomorrow’s game remains questionable. Al is still hurting from the hit he took from Blake Griffin in the final second of the Hawks win over the Clippers a week ago. His progress seemed to take a step backward on Thursday, but he looked comfortable moving around the court when the team went through its set plays at the end of practice today.

Marvin Williams couldn’t help but chuckle when asked about the difference in playing without Al on the court. “It’s a big difference,” said Williams. “I think we’ve seen that on Tuesday. What Al brings to the table you can’t really replace it. He is one of those players that really impact the game and to not have him out there on the floor is tough sometimes.”

Marvin’s Thoughts on Charlotte
“Charlotte’s one of those teams that never quit. They have a ton of fight in them. Tomorrow night we are going to have to match their energy and their effort, and play with the same intensity that they bring.”

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