Horford's Back

Saturday, February 12, 2011
By Jon Newberry

Al Horford will return to action tonight for the Hawks after missing a week (two games) of action with a back contusion.

Horford injured his back in the final seconds of Atlanta’s game against the Clippers when he drew a flagrant foul from L.A.’s Blake Griffin. Al stepped to the line and hit the game winning free throws, but was then removed for the final inbounds play and has not been in uniform since.

15 Responses to “Horford's Back”

  1. Hawk Insider( aka J-SmOOvE)

    Good to see horford in the lineup. Coach Drew said he was going to tweak the starting line up tonight. Hope that means starting teague, and evans and benching marvin and bibby.


    tough game last night hats all i got to say

  3. Travis Yaylor

    UGH. major issue..

    my game will not get past the first screen. i “press start” and it goes to “Checking HDD Space” and will not get past it. And i have a playstation three any hlp please

  4. Mr. Hawk

    What the hell happened?!!!!!!

  5. Mr. Hawk

    Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein So Rick Sund thinks that the team, as it is now, will compete for an NBA championship? I have no idea what it takes to become a GM, but I do know common sense. I’ve heard rumors (have to be rumors, because Sund won’t say anything else) that the Hawks are content with the team that they have. That a point guard, and nice center would mess up the chemistry of a team that loses home games by 30 points and loses 31 point leads!
    This is a GOOD NBA team. Can we have a GREAT NBA team? I believe Sund needs to do whatever it takes to make that happen!!!!


    Dont talk about is please

  7. Calihawk

    Does anyone in Atlanta even care that we have the worst fans in the NBA. They never sell out, always (a lot of)empty seats, they have no idea when to cheer or keep cheering. The other team always feels like they have a chance to come back because the crowd is so out of it. Not sure how to fix this problem other than that someone from the local papers(media) needs to put them on blast. Any other city in the NBA would be going crazy over a team this good. We need fans ,smart fans, to go to these games and cheer our team on. And not just when the Heat or Lakers show up. Step your game up Atlanta!

    • Mr. Hawk

      My take on the fan situation is this. Atlanta is a transition city, professional people come here to live. They leave their hometown to start their careers here. They bring their love for their teams with them. That’s why you see Knicks, Yankees, Cubs, Bulls and LA teams representing depressingly in Philips Arena, the TED and yes The Georgia Dome. (i.e.; Saints) Being realistic those other cities seem to do whatever it takes to get the best players. I lived in Arizona for a short time, and they had Suns player images on the side of city buses, they had Diamondback players on billboards around the city. The Cardinals, one of the worst sport franchises ever, was afforded a state of the art stadium.

      Atlanta teams seem to never be able to keep the “Superstar”; Brett Farve, Deion Sanders, Dominique Wilkins and we all know what happened to Vick (that was his fault, but he’s still not here) We seem to shy away from controversial sport figures and BIG name talent, and that tells all the great players, Atlanta is not the place to be. It seems like the city does not make it inviting to be here. It’s a great place to travel two or three times a year, but is it worth starting a career here when it seems they don’t want a certain TYPE of player here. I’ve been embarrassed being at Hawks games and it seems to be more empty seats than actual fans, or when there are more Knicks fans than Hawks fans.

      Ultimately, championships bring great players and fans. The HOPE that your teams’ owners and GM are doing whatever it takes to get that great player, brings fans to the arena. Look at Miami with LBJ, or New Jersey and New York with Carmelo Anthony, that brings fans who at least thinks their team is trying to get better. I’m the biggest Atlanta fan there is, but it’s HARD to be sometimes and that’s probably why they watch Sportcenter highlights instead of spending a couple of hundred dollars to watch a team who isn’t doing everything they can to bring great talent to the city.

  8. Hawk Insider( aka J-SmOOvE)

    Rick Sund, trade for a damn point guard already!!!! Bibby sint a good point guard. I here Aaron Brooks wants out. You should persue him.


    Ah we might have the worst gm and fans but how about that pa anoucer Ryan Cameron


    But the thing I hate about Rick is that he hired Larry Drew over Mark Jackson,and Avery Johnson

  11. Mr. Hawk

    Zaza needs to be traded and I agree he needs to play Teague more. Really, they need to make a trade. I’m just a motherfathering fan, so my input don’t count. BUT IF IT DID………!!!