Running with the Bulls

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
By Jon Newberry

The Bulls continue to be one of the hottest teams in the NBA, battling for the top-seed in the Eastern Conference. They had “hot team” label when they came to the Highlight Factory at the beginning of the month, they had it again when the Hawks traveled to Chicago, and they still have it today. All of this despite continuing issues with injuries.

The main reason they have stayed “hot”… D-Rose.

“You gotta start with Derrick Rose,” commented Jeff Teague after practice on Monday. “You contain Derrick Rose and you have a pretty good chance of winning the game. I mean, they have a lot of great players, but he’s the head of the snake.”

Another reason that Chicago has been able to be successful all season long is their depth and bench play.

“They do have one of the better second units in the league,” confirmed Larry Drew. “They’ve got guys that could start for other teams. We’ve got to do a good job of neutralizing their second unit. Our guys will take the challenge.”

Starting Lineup Update:
Coach Drew said following shootaround that he plans on starting the “traditional” starting line-up tonight, featuring Hinrich, Johnson, Williams, Smoove and Horford.

Horford Talks Tourney

On his Florida Gators:
“I saw the first game… It makes me very happy to see them beat UCLA. Now they got their hands full against BYU, but I feel good about it”

Al’s brother, Jon Horford, is a freshman playing for Michigan:
” I talked to him a little bit. They had a great season. Getting beat by the number one seed Duke, they played them right to the wire. Those guys did a great job and had a great year.”

4 Responses to “Running with the Bulls”

  1. Dirtybird

    You can run with the Bulls, just don’t get run over by them.

  2. Done

    “Pittiful,Shameful, and Ridiculous”. GET IT TOGETHER OR GIVE IT UP!!! Forfeit the playoffs you do not deserve to go anywhere. You guys were on national TV and made Atlanta look bad. This is very sad that your love and hearts for Basketball left with the greed, selfishness, and laziness. I am a fan but you guys work for the city and when you do not give it your all for the city “leave”. We do not need a bunch of grown men acting like children. I would rather put a JV team on the court. “No Chemistry”. “No Championships Ever.”

  3. Travis Yaylor

    embarresed on live tv

  4. Hawk Insider( aka J-SmOOvE)

    Wow the Hawks…. First thing is that you fire Larry Drew. He isnt a good coach at all.