Weekend Road Trip

Thursday, April 7, 2011
By Jon Newberry

The Hawks practiced earlier today before heading out of town for a rare Friday/Saturday road trip. In fact, it is only one of five pairs of back-to-back road games all season, and the only one that falls on Friday/Saturday.

Ironically, the two teams that Atlanta will face this weekend squared off against each other last night in Indianapolis. The result: a 136-112 Pacer victory.

“I saw some of the tape of that game,” said Larry Drew after today’s practice. “It was a track meet and a shootout. ”

The challenge for Drew will be to keep his own players from playing that open, run and gun style that sub-.500 teams resort to at this point of the season.

“We still have to play a certain way,” said LD. “We are trying to get ourselves ready for the playoffs. We don’t want to take a step back and just start playing a way that’s not very characteristic of us. Our focus is to go into the playoffs with momentum.”

Jamal couldn’t help but smile when commenting on the freedom that “JC2″ has been given as the Wizards play out the final stretch of games.

“20 shots per is normal for (Jordan Crawford) right now,” said Jamal. “I’m happy for him, it’s going to make him a lot better a lot faster. He’s basically learning on the fly right now.”


Josh Smith (right knee) and Jason Collins (left ankle) will both remain in Atlanta this weekend and receive treatment on their injuries.

“Injuries are part of the game,” Collins said from the locker room today. “I’ve had lots of sprained ankles in my basketball career, and this is another one on the list.”

The advantage right now for the Hawks is that there is no rush to get either player back. As long as they are well enough to receive treatment and get some conditioning in on the side, then the only game they need to make sure they are healthy for is Game 1 in Orlando.


The Hawks franchise record for road wins in a season is 22. This year’s squad currently has 20 wins away from the Highlight Factory with three road contests remaining on the schedule.

5 Responses to “Weekend Road Trip”

  1. a pissed off fan

    the hawks tickets for the last game is too high and i dont see why the tickets are so high because its only going to be a whole lot of bench players playing which means lebrick shames, dwayne weed, and chris spice not gonna play. and al horfford is not all that. why is al horford every where the hawks are adveritse? he is so freaking over rated like omg. the advertisements really sucks. btw why did y’all change the dancers team name because either way the a town dancers and atlanta hawks cheerleaders are not that good. Al Hoford and the dancers of the atlanta hawks are just complete comedy and those girls are not cheering they are shonuff dancing far as everyone can see. Al horford is such a freaking fake person. He acts like he isnt apart of the team when they lose. he is such a loser.


  2. wtf

    this is not good for the hawks at this point in the season they need to be winning games not getting blown out of them. year in and year the same old story if i were the owner i will get a coach that can get the team to the big dance and the players that can do it. these hawks are just happy making it to the playoffs not impressive. it’s time to get a shooting guard that will do everything they should to win and one of those is getting to the free throw more than once a game. sorry but it’s time to go with someone besides joe. like him but he is just not doing it

  3. Jonathan F.

    Exactly !! The hawks general managers and owners are absolutely lacking in intelligence. Jordan crawford was great in college and he just needed a chance to showcase his talents. Why would you trade a player like him? even the little playing time he got, you could tell he would actually be asset, unlike Jeff teague . Not taking away any credit from him smh, i guess he just needs more time . And Joe used to be my FAVORITE player ; but this year he really disappointed me. It’s hard arguing and defending him when he’s scoring 16, 17 points a game. He’s only 29 but he plays like he’s 38 . C’mon Joe… like i still support you, but you GOTTA STEP IT UP . I honestly don’t think you come into every game really wanting to win. Josh smith, Al Horford, Jamal Crawford are all doing they thing. Marvin needs to be more consistent, so defenders will realize that he is actually a threat.

  4. hawks die hard fan

    Thats because the hawks coaches never believe in their younger players first woody now drew and i dont know why we thought drew was gonna bring along are younger players jordan an jeff are 2 prime examples and thats why the hawks will never get past the 2nd round because of their lack of depth IDK how many times teague has to go off for 20 in 10 mins for him to get a little respect from the coaching staff. Thats why im happy for jordan because they didnt even dress him most of the year

  5. Teague fan

    I agree with you until you said the quote about teague if you ask me teague has been producing quite well when given the opportunity in the few minutes he gets for example tonight against the pacers 21pts in 20 mins and thats not just one game were he has put up numbers like this in few mins he’s done this more than u think to throw another game out there against the bulls he had 20 in the 4th so the hawks definitely can use him because he plays both sides of the floor def an off he 3rd on the team in blocks shots an barely logs 10 mins a gm so if you ask me I think he needs to play more because he holds his own an i guarantee if we would of traded him we would definitely regret it