More Thoughts About Game 3

Saturday, April 23, 2011
By Jon Newberry

I have run into a handful of friends today and when the topic of conversation turns to last night’s game it is hard to pick which story to start with.

Jamal’s dramatic shot is one obvious option, but everyone loves a good story about Zaza mixing it up.

The bottom line is that the Hawks got a huge win, and now lead the series 2-1. Here are some random observations about all that went down last night at the Highlight Factory:

  • Horford’s play to start the game may be one of the most impressive spurts I have seen from a Hawks big man. He came out with dunks, rebounds and plenty of emotion. Here is what Al had to say about it:
    “I started off with so much energy, I kind of wore myself down a little bit. With the crowd and everything I was just a little too excited.”
  • Joe Johnson was outstanding in the first half. He was aggressive, made good decisions out of double-teams, and had no trouble getting into the lane for his floater. He had 17 points in the first 24 minutes.
  • Orlando got a huge lift off the bench from Quentin Richardson, who had his best game of the series by far. He hit a three shots he took from behind the arc and was very active on the boards and on defense.
  • Both Zaza and Collins played great defense on Dwight Howard in Game 3, making it hard for him to get all the way to the rim for dunks. While this post was being written it was announced that Big Z and Jason Richardson will miss Game 4 due to their altercation. (Click Here to read the full release) Zaza’s absence will mean that it is even more important that Collins is not slowed by injury on Sunday.
  • The atmosphere at the Highlight Factory was great for Game 3. Now the Hawks will need the home fans even more for Game 4 as the Magic will have their backs against the wall. Great seats are still available. Click Here to get your seats if you don’t already have them.