Zaza is Always Quotable

Monday, April 25, 2011
By Jon Newberry

Zaza was back in action at Hawks practice today, much to the delight of his teammates and coaches.

“I gave him a big hug this morning,” said Coach Drew with a smile.

Then Zaza addressed the media, and rather than muddle his quotes with my ramblings, here is Zaza uncut:

I watched it at home. It was the worst. We were just talking about it actually.  Being able part of the team and not being able to communicate with your teammates, give them a high-five, or yell at them, talk to them… I was very separated. Terrible experience. I hope I’m never going to be in that situation again.

I texted guys before the game, and after the game, but I didn’t want to interrupt. They warned me, no Twitter, no Facebook during the game…

One of my friends was watching the game at different places, trying to communicate with me during the game and get my opinions on stuff… but honestly I didn’t have time to respond to them because I was so into the game.

Yeah, I feel great. My teammates were making fun of me… “Fresh Legs”. Of course, this time of year to get a rest is a good thing, but it was an expensive vacation.

You can always count on Big Z for a good quote.

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2 Responses to “Zaza is Always Quotable”

  1. Joe Vazquez

    I got a chance to meet Zaza after a game here in Chicago (I was cheering for Zaza and his MBA professor from Northwestern offered to take me down for postgame with the players), and he was a very intelligent and likeable dude. Such a contrast from the tough guy persona he fortunately brings to the floor for the Hawks. Hope he has another great game to close out the series tonight. Hit ‘em Hawks!!