Hinrich Injury Update

Friday, April 29, 2011
By Jon Newberry

Here is the official release from team PR:

Veteran Guard Listed as Doubtful for Hawks vs. Bulls Series

ATLANTA, GA – A magnetic resonance imaging test (MRI) taken today revealed that Hawks guard Kirk Hinrich suffered a significant strain to his right hamstring with 3:07 remaining in last night’s series-clinching game six win over Orlando, according to head athletic trainer Wally Blase. Hinrich is listed as doubtful for the Eastern Conference Semifinals series vs. Chicago, which begins on Monday.

Jamal Crawford spoke to the media today before the team had received word of the MRI results. This is what he had to say:
It’s tough. Kirk is the head of our defense. He’s the guy who’s making things happen from the start… He knows their players as well as anybody. He was there seven years, so he can definitely give us some insight. He’ll definitely be traveling, I think, either way. We’ll definitely be picking his brains during timeouts and stuff.

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27 Responses to “Hinrich Injury Update”

  1. Alex

    Okay, Jay but the Bulls still destroyed the Hawks with Hinrich in the regular season so… First game was a miracle for the Hawks and a rare fluke for the Chicago Bulls. Bulls win this series in 5, possibly sweep.

    • watson

      its the playoffs and doubt the hawks will lay down I think jeff teague can guard derrick rose,Only thing the hawks got to do is trap d rose and make shots, because the bulls are not really a explosive team on the offensive end if you can contain d rose.

    • mel

      First off anybody that know basketball knows you cant judge REG and say thats whats going to happen in the playoffs if you where paying attention you would notice that by The grizzles doing what they are doing in the playoffs right now… So moving on the playoffs are all about matchups, and execution, because both teams in a seven game series knows what the other team is running..it comes down to the coach actually installing a gameplan day in and day out thats going to work..this is where the coaches make their money in the post season not the reg… the reason Woody lost his job was because he failed to make ajustments to a defensive gameplan that obviously didnt work and everybody new it is Steve Wonder could see it..and the player quit on him becasue he gave them no chance to win…

      but if you know basketball you would know that

    • DJ

      Get dat shyt outta here Alex… Yu muz dnt Know nun bout B-Ball. takin da bullz ova da hawks………….Itz 2 late for a sweep

  2. dxaatl

    No need to panic Hawks will still get it done in 6. Go hawks

    • Marl Breeezy

      It’s nice to see one fan who knows we have the capacity to win. We have a better interior than the bulls and rose is not the best outside shooter…Hawks in 6 or to the wire in seven.

  3. Jon

    Think about it guys. If the 8 seed MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES can take down the San Antonio Spurs with NO RUDY GAY, the Hawks can handle the Bulls without Hinrich. It’s the playoffs, so you can throw conventional wisdom out the window.

  4. Alex

    Sorry Hawks fans, but this is where it ends. Your team is almost setup like the best team in the NBA, except you have no MVP or defense for that matter. This is the playoffs, yes, but just accept the fact the Bulls are that much better than the Hawks. Just be appreciative if your team wins one game. And don’t worry, the Hawks are not the only team that will lose in 4-5 games to the #1 team. BTW, love how many Hawks fans are dismissing the last two games they played, just too ugly I guess. That first meeting must have been your best win all season. Taking down the best team is a honor. Last time I’ll comment since I’m a Bulls fan… GOOD LUCK

    • NBA Fan

      What a (jerk), like “da bulls” really kicked the pacers (butt), pay attention here you just might learn something,it’s all about hitting shots and getting some favorable calls from today’s NBA referee’s,say what you want but Chicago is not any better than the other teams left.Oh BTW no one here in tha ATL is dismissing the last two games,you don’t hit shot’s,you either lose or hope the other team shoots worse,it’s that simple.Stupid (butts) like you think they have it all figured out,probably played “lil shooters” at the ymca didn’t you.

      • Alex

        Never said the Pacers were an easy defeat. I just know the Hawks will be much easier since they have no bigs and now no Hinrich to come the closest in actually stopping Rose. Well, you do know something.. The team with more points than the other team at the end of regulation wins. Call me a (name) for using that acronym but I’m not the one using () or lame terms. And no, you and your ymca buds would never see me on the court trying to get my game back. Very good, the team that hits shots will likely win. That’s what the Bulls did all year to earn a first seed kid. Having the MVP only solidified their level of elite. Already coming up with excuses on Rose getting superstar calls? Thought Pacers fans were delusional. See the thing with Rose is because he’s so good, everyone expects him to be like the other stars by constantly arguing for calls. Instead, he actually receives less times to the line due to his speed, versatility, and humble reactions. Seeing Rose complain is a rare site, but you wouldn’t know since you don’t watch the entire NBA. The Bulls have proved they will make the shots and with their defense, hard to imagine a team like the Hawks will threaten them. Joe Johnson…? Like I previously mentioned, just be happy if your Hawks get a win

        • ATLFAN

          U r right, but even though heinrich is gone doesn’t mean teague can’t fill up da point guard spot. He’s not a better shotter than heinrich, but he faster, quicker, and can stick 2 rose better. So if u mix those attributes wih Jammaal Crawfords big play ability, we have a good chance of sneaking pass the bulls in the semi-finals. P.S Joe Johnson do go through a stretch where he can’t knock anything down and the bulls also don’t have a big man. So i think we r evenly matched. Prediction Bulls in 6. just being statstical…….

        • Jose Silva

          What you say now about Joe Johnson??… The Hawks got a win, and playing really good. This are the Playoffs. Forget a little about regular season.

        • Anonymous

          you dont know shi* what your talking about. you watch too much espn. Look at my comment about joe b4 the game and look at what joe did. Reg season means nothing. joe took over the united center like it was phillips. where was Derrick? Bulls are just all talk, yall are lucky if yall get a win. AtL take over. Yall need jordan bak.. So long bulls fans lmao

    • T.Webb

      Well, so much for your theory…

  5. Iowa fan

    Hey, I have known Hinrich since he was playing in high school and the guy has heart. He DOES give his all in every game he plays. He will be sorely missed in the games against the Bulls. Hopefully he will be able to return before the series is over. He is a good guy, not just a good basketball player. I hope good things continue to come his way!

  6. T.Webb

    you gotta remember, the hawks struggled the whole month of march so all the times we played the bulls, they were not getting the real atlanta hawks team except the first game we played. i think the bulls will have a good fight on their hands. no one really gave us a chance against orlando too saying pretty musch the same things like, “be happy if you hawks get one win” but imagine, the bulls almost lost to the magic without dwight howard, so that shows me that the bulls do have some holes we just have to find them… but if we dont expect alex’s prediction of a sweep or a five to one series defeat to come true.

  7. Matt23

    jamal crawford. nuff said

  8. Beez

    first off the hawks are way more atheletic than the hawks last time I check joe johnson has been the atl all star the last 5-6 yrs, hes above his average in the playoffs this year jamal is doin work only person that needs to step up is josh smith. I went to every playoff home game and he was the only one making bad decisions. Bulls are just as bad as the hawks in previous playoffs so bulls fans yall can shutup. HAWKS in six

  9. Beez

    (than the bulls)

  10. Steve

    I am a Bulls fan and this is my objective view of the upcoming series. The loss of Hinrich is a big blow. We loved him in Chicago and I still miss him. The Hawks are playing great basketball and no one should count them out. I was quite impressed with the play of the Pacers and I know for a fact that the Hawks will come out with the same intensity. The only way the Hawks have a legitimate shot at this series is if they stay with the Bulls in those first 36 minutes of game 1 just as Indiana did. You guys have a closer, Indiana didn’t. I think game 1 can be a big confidence booster if they can stay with the Bulls step for step. As for the outcome, anything can happen especially if Boozer continues to decide he doesn’t want to play. However, I do think the Bulls are too strong to not overcome his weakness, and I really think we’ll take it in 5 or 6. But you never know, it’s the playoffs. Good luck and can’t wait for the series. It should be fun!

  11. andrea

    we’ll miss kirk in the games, but if we put our minds together than we can still take down the bulls.

  12. Angela

    How ’bout those Hawks.

  13. Anonymous

    jojo was gone do it just like i said leh go hawks.

  14. Mr. Hawk

    Yeah we will miss hinrich but we got destroyed with him against the bulls so its not like we don’t have a chance and me personally i think Teague is a better defender than hinrich im not saying he will shut rose down but Teague is a gamer I think he’s gonna surprise alot of people out there

  15. Jd1

    No way is Teague a better defender than Hinrich. Hinrich gives his all for the entire game. He will be missed big time.

  16. Anonymous

    definitely correct

  17. mel

    Teague is a better defender and will be a better defender, Hinrich was just a smarter defender because he has more time in the league so he knows the tricks but straigh up D Teague is way better faster hands anticipation and everything he just needs more game time to understand the game better