Matching the Energy and Effort

Saturday, May 7, 2011
By Jessica Taylor

Larry Drew put it perfectly last night after Chicago’s 99-82 win over the Hawks –

“You have to come out and match energy and effort. Forget about the X’s and O’s.  You’ve got to come out and match energy and effort with the Chicago Bulls team. If you don’t, you put yourself behind the eight ball. Tonight, we didn’t come out with the energy, we didn’t come out with the effort. More importantly, we didn’t come out with any physicality. They completely beat us up, particularly in the paint.”

Offensively, the Hawks just did not produce nearly what they needed to in order to compete with Derrick Rose and the rest of the Bulls team. Rose accounted for 44 points alone while the bench contributed 34.

Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford struggled all night to get good looks and could not seem to find their rhythm. The Hawks especially struggled down low and could not stop the MVP.

“When you play against an explosive guard like Derrick Rose, you have to make a commitment to getting back and making sure you try to keep him out of the paint,” said Drew. “No one guy is going to keep him out of the paint. He’s too fast, and too explosive. When I called the timeout 49 seconds into the game, I saw right then and there that my team had not made that commitment that we made in game one. He’s going to get in there. We know he’s so good and so explosive that he can get in there. But when I don’t see the effort on getting back in transition, not getting there, and allowing them to get to the basket without a contest, I knew that we were not committed like we were in games one and two.”

Five different Hawks posted points in the double digits, but it still wasn’t enough to combat the effectiveness of Rose. Jeff Teague paced the Hawks with 21 points and said this when referring to Rose and how they plan on handling him in pivotal Game 4 –

“He was out there making shots. He played like the MVP tonight. When he’s making three’s and things like that, he’s a tough cover. We have to make some adjustments to make it a little more difficult for him, and just try to keep out of the lane. If he’s making three’s, you have to live with it.”

Tip-off is tomorrow at 8 p.m. at The Highlight Factory.