More Love for the Hawks

Monday, May 9, 2011
By Jon Newberry

After the Game 1 win we posted some of the love the Hawks had been getting from various media outlets. After last night’s thrilling win at the Highlight Factory the compliments were flowing again… Here are a few excerpts, links and quotes:

If they come out with the same fire and precision they displayed on Sunday, Chicago is going to have a miserable time trying to pull away at home in Tuesday’s Game 5.
Kelly Dwyer, Yahoo! Sports
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To look now is to see a team unlike the one we’d seen this season or any season this century. We see a team figuring things out on the fly, which is frankly incredible.
Mark Bradley,
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The good Josh Smith kicked the bad Josh Smith out of Philips Arena just in time for the Hawks to save themselves from themselves and make this a series again, one that is becoming increasingly more difficult for the Bulls to put away and prepare for the Eastern Conference finals.
Michael Wallace,
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Atlanta seems to be the ultimate light switch team – they show up sometimes and completely disappear at others – but their talent should allow them to be one of the best teams in the NBA.
Daniel Marks,
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‘Every city has its own way of expressing itself, expressing how they like their basketball,’ Gibson said. ‘This place [Atlanta] becomes a hostile environment, especially when they get a dunk or a nice crossover layup. It’s bananas in here. Players feed off of that, and they have a lot of high flyers on this team. Their team is a solid team when you look at it. They have a lot of high flyers, guys that can make a spectacular play off the dribble and using their ballhandling skills, and the crowd feeds off it and gives it back to them.’
Scott Schroeder,
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