Game 6 Notes and Quotes

Thursday, May 12, 2011
By Jon Newberry

Here are the latest ‘Notes & Quotes’ as the Hawks prepare for tonight’s Game 6 at the Highlight Factory:


  • The Hawks are 13-8 all-time in Game 6 match-ups. They are 3-1 in Game 6 since defeating Boston here in 2008, including wins at Milwaukee (2010), vs. Orlando (2011) and a loss in Miami (2009).
  • The Chicago Bulls led 3-2 in 1975 Western Conference Finals before eventually falling to the Golden State Warriors in seven games. That is the Bulls’ only series loss after taking a 3-2 lead.
  • 10 of the Hawks Game 6 victories have been to stay alive in the series and force a Game 7. The Hawks went on to win three of those series.
  • Josh Smith did not receive credit for a single block during Game 5 in Chicago. Per NBA policy, statistics may not be added to the box score after the fact, however, a statistic (rebound, assist, turnover, etc.) may be taken away if the tape reveals evidence contrary to the initial ruling.


– Josh Smith
There’s something precious at stake, so guys are gonna scratch, claw, do whatever they can to win the series. It’s probably going to be magnified a little bit tonight.

(On Finishing the Game in the 4th Quarter)Take care of possessions, especially down the stretch… Crank up the defense, match their intensity and toughness and we shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

– Joe Johnson
We’re a desperate team. We’ve come a long way and we’re not ready for our season to be over with.

This bottles our season up right here. Us coming out, putting on the line… feeding off the crowd… hopefully our fans get us going. We’re gonna need it for 48 minutes to really beat this team and force a Game 7 and go back up to Chicago.

– Al Horford
We understand the magnitude of the game. We just have to play solid basketball.


11 Responses to “Game 6 Notes and Quotes”

  1. Centrix

    Hey Atlanta, Wake up! It’s over. The Chicago Bulls will finish off the Hawks tonight and move on to face and beat the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Bulls are just too much for the Hawks. The Hawks are good but the Bulls are a lot better than them. Go Bulls. Bye Hawks…

    • SportsnGaming

      The Hawks were never given the chance by many against the Magic and were not given any chance to win a single game against the Bulls. Now here we stand 3 games to 2 and a fight at hand. This has been a great series and game 6 will be a great game as the two teams fight for either a series win for the Bulls or a game 7 for the Hawks.

      Centrix on your comment saying the Bulls are a lot better. This is not true as the Hawks have proven they can beat the Bulls. Game 5 was a close one and as the announcers said the Bulls got away with a win. In other words they got lucky.

      I personally believe both teams have played well and whomever wins this series will become the eastern conference champs. The Heat will fall to either one of the Bulls or Hawks.

    • Brent

      The fact that you noted either of the winners would beat the Heat is a joke. The Bulls are not a one seed in the Playoffs, although the number says they are.

      Bulls won’t even defeat Atlanta in game 6 anyways.

      Later overly optimistic Bulls loser.

      • SportsnGaming

        I’m assuming you believe that I am a Bulls fan but in fact I am a Hawks Fan and I really hope that the Hawks win the series. And I do believe who ever wins this series will defeat the Heat.

        As a ATL fan I hope we win because we’ve been struggling for a championship for several years in all sports.

        So again, great series for the Bulls and Hawks as they have both played well.

  2. Anonymous

    The Hawks will win at home tonight.

  3. SportsnGaming

    The Bulls and Hawks have played a exciting series for all basketball fans. They have fought hard with Blood, Sweat, and by the end Tears.

    A big surprise for the Hawks has been the play of Jeff Teague. I have been saying for awhile now that Teague needed to be the starting PG. I know the Hawks got Hinrich but he would be great off the bench for the Hawks. Teague is explosive and can utilize his speed to penetrate the interior of the defense of all teams. As he goes in and draws the defense he can kick out to open shots.

    The Bulls also found out something. There team needs some work. Rose is putting in to much work with no help. He’s putting in a lot of minutes and needs a rest. The Bulls need more offensive weapons and Boozer is not doing much with exception to the past few games.

    To me the Bulls have exceeded expectations as they were a team thrown together just like the Heat and Knicks. All teams did well but at some point you need to address your needs to finish your goals.

    So with all of this said. Which ever team wins the Bulls or Hawks. It has been a joy watching the series.

  4. Joe Pound

    Im so proud of the Hawks! even if they fail to win this series we have proved that we are a strong team. I will always support the hawks weather we lose by 20 or win by 20. Shame all hawks fans arnt the same. Lets get the job doen today and take it to the wire in Chicago! Believe.

  5. hawks fan

    The hawks are one of the most talented teams, but they dont have any basketball smarts. If your 2 for 10 shooting. What should you do drive the ball to the basket. I knew we lost this series in game five in the four quarter the score 73-70 and Joe throws up two threes and miss both of them. Joe needs to work on drive the ball to the basket. The hawks are too predictable. Al needs to drive, and how many times did Al touch foul D.Rose and Rose get a three point play. They were all soft foul, the hawks need to wake up, this is the playoffs and they played soft. Tell me if Josh isnt blocking shots, who else can? I believe Al is the same height or taller and he played like a cupcake. Block a shot.

  6. hawks fan

    The sad parts is that the Hawks have more talent then the Bulls. But the Bulls out worked and out smalled a team sacred to drive the ball to the basket, and sacred to give hard playoff fouls. It amazing. I would have like to see how much playing time Teague would have got if Kirk didnt get injured. This team is mismanaged, but the sad part is that people accept it.

  7. hawks fan

    This team is mismanaged, but the sad part is that people accept it.

  8. hawks fan

    Can Teague get more playing time during the season? Or is that the master plan? This team is mismanaged…