Someone Great at 48?

Monday, May 23, 2011
By Jon Newberry

The Hawks only have one pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, and at 48 the odds are against them to select an impact player for next season.

BUT… it has been done before.

Manu Ginobili, Monta Ellis, Trevor Ariza, Paul Millsap, Marcin Gortat, and, oh yes, Zaza Pachulia were all selected 40th or higher in their respected drafts. You can add to that list the recent selections of Marcus Thornton, Chase Budinger, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Marc Gasol and Goran Dragic (all in the last four years).

There is talent each year that slips to the mid-to-late second round, it is just a matter of identifying the players and finding one that fits in your system. That is the challenge of the Hawks’ basketball operations staff this off-season.

There are two schools of thought each year entering the draft. First, you can look at your existing team and try to identify areas that need improvement. Then you choose the player that best addresses that need. The second strategy is to simply take the most talented (or potentially most talented) player available.

Whichever route the Hawks take, here’s to hoping that they can find a diamond in the rough.

Draft Details:
June 23, 2011
7:00 PM EST
Prudential Center – Newark, NJ


51 Responses to “Someone Great at 48?”

  1. Brian wardach

    The problem is that the Hawks are terrible at identifying talent. We drafted Marvin Williams over Chris Paul and Deron Williams. and Chris Paul said that he wanted to come here. We drafted Shedlon Williams over Brandon Roy and Solomon Jones over the aforementioned Paul Milsap. We suck.


      Everyone always brings up Marvin Williams but no one ever mentions the fact that all the experts that year said Bogut one Williams two or vice-versa!

    • allen

      I couldn’t agree more with you.

      • J-da

        the problem with that is the fact that we had plenty of forwards and were in desperate need of a point guard

  2. Atkinsfoot

    That regime is gone. This one drafted our future point guard, our all star power foward, and traded for a veteran solid floor general in Hinrich. The next move is a big one. We are a “go to” player from being in the mix every year for the next 6-7years.

    • Breyan

      The Hawks would be dominate If they could somehow pick up Chris Paul.

    • Spc Wyatt

      Yes, and I beileve we need more than just a “big one”, we need a big body down there, no more under-sized big men. We need someone who can make the opposition think twice about penetration; someone who can limit offensive rebounds on defense, we really dont need much offense from the center position. If we cant get that from the 48th pick in this draft then I’ve got two words for you… TRADE SMITH! draft the best availible player who has other teams’ interest, trade Smith and the pick to get our big man, something Atlanta really hasnt had since Mutombo.

  3. BUTCH


    • Jermaine

      i have preached on that for years the hawks need to trade marvin willams

    • Christian

      definatly agree.. Hawks need to pick up some talent this summer, instead of having the same linup every freakin year

    • Anonymous

      they should trade marvin during the draft so they can move up from the 48th overall pick.

  4. kevin sexton

    umm yeah about that pick….give up…its just going to compaire to all the other dumbass picks we have got in the past

  5. chris sledge

    Come on yall lightin up and think positive. We picked Al Horford who’s an allstar, Jeff Teague who’s shown he can be a great point guard in this league, and Jordan Crawford who’s lighting it up in Washington right now,lol. But from what I’ve seen Pape Sy may be a diamond in the rough.The point I’m tryin 2 make is we’ve also made some good picks but the bad one’s jus overshadow the good one’s. Marvin does suck though,lol. But he does contribute once in a blue moon. Think positive people!

    • Jeff Teague Fan

      no jeff teague who needs to start they never should have traded jc (Jordan Crawford) he is going to be very good watch

  6. Alberto

    We can’t draft and hope that the pick becomes the next great thing. Free agents. Spending money,that’s how you win. But spend it wisely.I still can’t believe they gave joe johnson all that money.

    • vinneyj

      I cant believe it either. he is an all- star at best not a super star which the hawks need as well as a true true center who can score 18 and defend each night.

      • Rory

        they need to dump josh smith and his bad shot selections for a big man and move horford to the 4 spot. Definitely dump williams. maybe even trade johnson and his giant contract if they can get a point guard good enough and move jamal crawford to starting lineup

        • C

          definetly not. We need J Smoove more than ever.

          • Jeff Teague Fan

            thank u j smoove is our d(defense) and is the man just need to work on shot and handles he need a better post game like “DIRK” or “Z-BO”

  7. hawksfan22

    if the hawks want to be a championship caliper team they will need to find them a reliable center for that inside presence without a center it will be the same things to come here on it …hawks please go out and get a center!!!!!!!

    • torio

      wow i thought i was the only person that realized that the biggest problem with the hawks right now is them not having that presence at the center position. dont get me wrong i love horford but just imagine what our team would be like with dwight howard at center, horford at PF, j smoothe at SF, joe at SG and teague or whoever at point. we would dominate becuase of horford and smith being able to play the correct positions without worrying about the center position.

    • Logan

      the Hawks got jason collins he can shut down Dwight Howard. Now they just need someone to shut down lebron then we would be no.1 in our division.

      • J-da

        josh smith isn’t capable of playing SF because he can’t shoot outside of 5 ft of the basketball. also, every team has tried to find someone to shut down lebron, and there isn’t anyone out there to do it.

  8. Jermaine

    the hawks need to try and get home town native dewight howard

    • kennyware

      i definitely agree with you Jermaine, the hawks need to try and get dwight howard to come to the ‘A’ which will hopefully get us Chris Paul as well because he doesn’t really wanna be in New Orleans anymore and then they can work on getting rid of Marvin and getting some better free agent reserves, and we know the Magic are probably gonna get rid of Gilbert Arenas, who is probably gonna have a bounce back year next year

      • Alberto

        Bingo Kennyware and Jermaine.If you can bring those two in,they can really call our house “The highlight factory” for sure.

      • devin

        joe johnson & jeff teauge for chris paul then al horford zaz for dwight howard

      • Spc Wyatt

        All that sounds nice, it does but one thing you guys fail to realize is that The Atlanta Hawks franchise is one that has many owners, 13 if i understand correctly, and if I know anything abt owners (looking in on the NFL situation)… all they care abt is money. The Hawks are gonna sell tickets, this is a major city with major NBA fans like us and with the I see in the league now, other teams can come in and sell our tickets for us. With that being said these owners are not looking to spend any money to get A Howard let alone a Chris Paul. They’re content on having the same guys they draft, maybe alittle utility player here in there brought in to keep interest from the fans, A cheap head coach, and a under acheiving star who’s making SUPERSTAR money. I love my Hawks but we need new ownership, maybe someone who’s actually committed to winning like Cuban!

    • Logan

      they got jason collins. the only reason Dwight Howard was racking up points is because he wasn’t 100%

  9. hawks fan

    the hawks need to go out and try their best o get dwight howard, trade marvin away

  10. they definetly need to trade marvin get dwight try to get chris paul and get a true center

    they definitely need to trade Marvin get Dwight try to get Chris Paul and if they don’t get Dwight they need a true center that will be a defense of pressure in the paint

  11. BUTCH


    • Logan

      Why trade kirk when he is our best defender. if he wasn’t injured against Chicago we would have went to the Eastern conference finals

    • devin

      joe johnson cant shoot no more i dont know what happen but some wrong they need to trade him for chris paul

  12. Ken

    I think what we need is a stronger center, and that’s it(!). With Heinrich and Teague was have tow good point guards. Joe Johnson is a nice scorer, no he’s not an elite player, but at the time, we needed a reliable scorer (as we do now) and if we didn’t sign him, we would lose him, period. Yes we over paid. That’s that and he still is a good, reliable source for points. Horford want and needs more people to play center. Zsa Zsa is very under rated and serves us well, does all the fundamentals well: sets picks, gets passes, shoots free throws, plays D. No he is isn’t dominating, but is a GREAT #2. Find another good center, via draft and free agency.

    Sign Jamal Crawford–We CANNOT afford to lose him. Also keep Josh Smith–he is among the best players in the league when he plays his position. When he did HE dominated the Bulls, no question. Do what ever it takes to have him play his role and he will be a #1 or #2 all NBA Forward. Unless he is using drugs.

    Marvin is a nice player, off the bench, just not too quick. He is trade bait, a nice addition to another roster and maybe a way to get in the first round for a center or to trade for a center with our #2 pick.

    And I would say, all-in-all, Sund has done his best job as GM here at the Hawks, in his entire tenure.

  13. Logan

    Lets trade marvin williams to move up in the draft we need to get some one who can score and defend well because Defense wins championships.

  14. Anonymous

    how about we trade are whole starting line up for Lebron?

  15. Anonymous

    guys, joe al josh and kirk are solid. joe is our best player al is an all star josh is great overall and kirk has the defense and the distance. the only reason i see for tradin josh would be for dwight same with kirk for chris. let be realistic marvin must go althoug i do like him. from that we could definately someone who can make a better impact. now since we gave joe such a large contarct i dont believe we have the capabilty to get either chris or dwight on our team, it would have to be amiracle. we have a great team dont doubt it our bench is stellar and our starters kick ass so next year we will be better no matter what i guarantee it.

  16. Anonymous

    i think we should trade joe johnson for dwight howard, and let jamaal crawford start for shooting guard. If that doesn’t work, we can try to get another good center.

  17. Josh Grossnickle

    Hey the Alanta Hawks have shown us that they are a consistant playoff team but they can never get passed the second round. The reason for that is because we dont have a true center and superstar. We payed Joe Johnson too much money because he is not really that great. Dont take me wrong, he is a good player but hes not a superstar. I think we should trade Marvin Williams and Jeff Teague for some free agents or possibly a true center such as Dwight Howard….. The only way we will turn into a tite contender is if we get a star center and better supporting cast….. This is what the hawks have to do to get a title or atleast past the second round of the playoffs. IF we keep the lineup that we have right now we are going to keep suckin…. Its time to make a change atlanta.

  18. Jeff Teague Fan

    The Hawks have a couple of problems but here are three very important ones: MANAGMENT, MARVIN WILLIAMS(garbage), NEED A TRUE CENTER & SMALL FORWARD

  19. Realistic Fan

    Dwight is an obvious good idea but the chances it happens you might as well look away. Look at a proven defender to put Al Hoford at his PF position. Simply a Javale Mcgee, Roy Hibbert, Chris Anderson type player. Add a two block player to the Hawks we got it! Go get a defender with that pick up as well. From the Nuggets JR Smith/ Pacers trade talk Marvin/Kirk for Roy/Granger (the money should match up. Wizards get Jordan Crawford back!

  20. Chris E

    All Im saying is the hawks need one thing and thats having a big man. We got plenty of forwards, and we have two okay point guards. The problem is we do not have a dominating presence in the paint. Sure we have Horford doing a good job playing center, but he is a true power forward and thats where he does the best and thats how we will get deep in the playoffs. Now as far as the draft is concerned, I think Atlanta needs to get another guard. Again, we have way too many forwards and Jeff Teague and Jordan Crawford were a good picks

  21. hen

    We should get rid of williams should not have gotten rid of jordan crawford…JOE should re-negotiate his contract so we can keep jamal and find a young center in this league…this team would have been great with jervale mcgee…tyson chandler…gortat and a host of available big guys in the league…they didnt need a dominant scorer in middle just a strong defender and rebounder with some..some points…we have enough offense…

    come on joe…i know its hard to do but this team can win with these changes..good luck next year..

  22. Spc Wyatt

    I am not against Smith by any means. I think behind Lebron he’s the only other player in the league that can get up and down the floor and make “top ten” highlights on the defensive and the offensive side of the ball. HE HAS VALUE! Other teams know that and thats why we should trade him! It would be nice to pay a player in free agency to come hoop for us but we just dont have that luxury. We’re still in the big contract with Johnson and lets face it, the Hawks are NOT throwing another deal out there thats anywhere near what Johnson has. We have the players to replace Smith, he play primarily at the 5. Horford can and WANTS to be moved there. Alot of people has mixed feeling about Williams but he’s our 3. he’s a shooter, he doesnt let too many get passed him on defense so he stays only because he doesnt have as much value as Smith would, to trade Williams would’nt solve our “big man” issues because we would get that same value. That goes back to that old saying; “What you give is what you get!”
    Johnson at the 2- pray he actually earns his check next season, and Hinrich at the 1 (who will be challenged for the position by the emgerging Jeff Teage) Either way I think we’re #WINNING! at that position as Charlie Sheen would say.
    Now for the 5, I’ve gathered some names I can throw at you; all of which will be in their contract years next year:

    Javale Mcgee WAS
    Mehmet Okur UTAH
    Marcus Camby PORT
    Robin Lopez PHO
    Brooke Lopez NJ
    Zydrunas Llgauskas MIA
    Chris Kaman LAC
    Roy Hibbert IND
    Semih Erden CLE
    Omer Asik CHI

    All these player has the creditials to be the #1 big man for the Hawks, and I think aquiring one of the mentioned players via trade will not only benefit the team but concidering they resign Crawford and maybe even Collins would solidify our place among the top of the Eastern Coference.

    … your move Hawks

  23. Spc Wyatt

    A few typos… Smith plays primarily at the 4

  24. Spc Wyatt

    hahaha. That’ll NEVER happen but I love your optimism. We need people like you in our front office.