Radmanovic Fills a Void

Monday, December 12, 2011
By Jon Newberry

Vladimir Radmanovic has hit 916 shots from behind the arc from his position at power forward. The Hawks haven’t had a “stretch 4″ in recent years …you could argue that they haven’t had one since Rasheed Wallace wore a Hawks uniform for one game in 2004… and his ability to spread the floor could provide real problems for opponents this season.

“He fits that mold,” said Coach Drew the day after news broke of the signing. “He’s a 4 that can really stretch the defense. We did a lot of homework on him. Certainly when you have a 4 that can go out to the 3-point line, it gives you an added weapon. With Joe’s ability to force double-teams to focus on him, having that 4 that can go out there and stretch it… it just gives you an added weapon.”

Joe’s ability to draw a double-team is well documented, but T-Mac should also demand that type of attention with the second unit because of the match-up problems he creates. Add in the fact that the Hawks will start a point guard that should be able to regularly beat his man off the dribble (Jeff Teague) for the first time in almost a decade and a knock down shooter at the 4-spot is definitely a dangerous weapon.

It is true that you never know how pieces will mesh into a system until you get out on the court and start playing some games… but on paper Radmanovic looks like a solid addition for Atlanta.

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12 Responses to “Radmanovic Fills a Void”

  1. sacus

    You guys are going to look into starting t-mac at the 3 and leave marvin williams as the 6th man with both t-mac and joe on the floor means more open shots.

  2. gmoney

    Keep the same starters Teague, Johnson, Williams, Smith, and Horford. Having Tmac, Stackhouse and Radmonivic on the 2nd squad will be a match up nightmare.

  3. kman

    this is the year I have confidence in this team we can win a nba championship….. but I really wish that crawford could stay…

  4. jj joe

    lets go hawks lets shock the world baby

  5. crawford

    crawford should have stayed

  6. iamBCman

    Why ATL don’t involved to Dwight Howard trade? Horford, Williams and future first round pick for Dwight Howard will work.
    If not starters must be Teague , Johnson , Smith , Horford and Collins.

  7. iamBCman

    They must look for bigger power forward Radmanovic is not a pure PF. Adding Troy Murphy is good.

  8. iamBCman

    Teague,Johnson,Smith,Horford,Collins – First Unit
    Hinrich,T-mac,Williams,Radmanovic,Pachulia – 2nd Unit

  9. Christian

    T-Mac, I have been a long-time fan of yours. I hope and pray that this year, you’ll really really really re-emerge and be the T-Mac I fell fond of. I know, and you know, that you can still do it. I have never been an Atlanta fan really although I live in Atlanta, but because of you, I am now. Let’s go Hawks!!!

  10. itsslomotionbaby

    i have been crying for years that they get one of those tall europlayers that can hit thr 3 pointers.i think it would make a big difference when we dont have to rely on 1 player to score on the secound unit.

  11. Joe.Jeff.Smith.Leuer.Bogut


    Horford and pick for Bogut and Leuer get it done Sund/Gearon.