Tuesday’s Training Camp Update

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
By Jon Newberry

The Hawks had originally scheduled for two workouts on Tuesday, but Coach Drew and his staff elected to hold one long session instead. The team started practice at 11 am and the last player (newcomer Jannero Pargo) didn’t leave the court until almost 3 pm.

The big news of the day was the signing/arrival of veteran point-guard Jannero Pargo. If Tuesday is any indication, Pargo looks to be a more accurate spot up shooter than the other PG’s that are currently on the roster. After practice a lot of the perimeter players go through a shooting drill where you have to hit 3-0f-5 from five different spots around the 3-point arc. If you fail from any spot then you move to the back of the line and rebound. Pargo made it all the way around on his first try.

(NOTE: Marvin Williams was the first to make it all the way around today, and a couple of the coaches were mentioning a recent day when Marvin hit 27 in a row!)

It remains to be seen if Pargo is in fact the lead candidate for the back-up point guard role, but he does have a few things going for him.
1) As mentioned before, his shot looks good.
2) He has seven years of pro basketball experience as a point guard.
3) He is boys with Joe Johnson. The two played one year together at Arkansas and worked out in Miami together over the summer.

Pargo is also familiar with Kirk Hinrich, who he played with for at least part of four different seasons (2003-06, 2009-10) with the Chicago Bulls.

He shot with Pargo in a few drills after practice and he was pretty much on fire. We spoke with him briefly about his recovering and he said things are progressing. He is building up strength in his shoulder and will see his specialist in Chicago on January 3, when the team plays the Bulls. he is hoping that he can get clearance for all “non-contact” activity at that point.

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