Wednesday’s Training Camp Update

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
By Jon Newberry

The bad news our of training camp today was that Jeff Teague rolled his ankle, forcing him to miss the last portion of practice. While there are no official updates on the severity of the injury, Teague did leave the court on his own power and will take on the generic “day-to-day” label.

Apart from Teague’s injury, today’s practice seemed upbeat and crisp. The team ended practice working on their offensive sets, and there were noticeably less hiccups than there were a week ago at this time.

These final days of camp become more and more important as Larry Drew and the coaching staff make final evaluations on guys that are on the bubble to earn roster spots. The back-up point guard role keeps getting more interesting each day. Jannero Pargo was thrown into the mix with yesterday’s signing, and with Teague’s injury and Hinrich already sidelined, the back-up spot may be counted on for more than just spot minutes as the season begins.

Check back to for the latest updates on roster moves and injury status.

4 Responses to “Wednesday’s Training Camp Update”

  1. Aubrey

    lets go yall tell joe that we are counting on him to lead the team once again and to be more agressive get to the free throw line like 5 times again make it a goal that will bring his scoring up…..lets go take the nba by storm

  2. Aubrey

    a game

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