Jamal Returns to the Highlight Factory

Thursday, January 19, 2012
By Jon Newberry

Jamal Crawford has played for a host of teams throughout his career, including two very productive years with the Hawks. Wherever he goes he quickly becomes a fan favorite for two main reasons.
1)  Jamal is most accurately described as a scorer, and the way he plays the game is pure entertainment. Take your pick between breaking people down with ridiculous handles, rising up for 4-point plays, or attacking the lane for tricky floaters. Jamal does it all on the offensive end.
2) Jamal is a great guy. He treats fans and media with a great deal of respect and appreciation.

Watching Jamal warm up a few minutes ago showed why both reasons are still valid. The enthusiasm in which he greeted familiar faces (from ‘Nique to Philips Arena staffers to Zaza) showed the personal impression he left here in Atlanta. The jump shots he hit reminded me that we better have a hand (or two) in his face tonight.

This year, the Hawks took a different direction with the make-up of their bench. The bench has maintained the same level of scoring production, while increasing other areas of production such as defense and rebounding.

This year’s version of “The Difference” is a group effort. Already this season we have seen McGrady come up huge down the stretch in Miami, Radmonovic light it up against Chicago, Greene hit clutch shots against Minnesota, and that doesn’t even include the work of Ivan Johnson or Zaza Pachulia.