Can I Get a Witness?

Friday, February 10, 2012
By Jon Newberry

Former NBA All-Star and current NBA TV analyst Chris Webber was one of the first to respond to yesterday’s announcement of the 2012 All-Star reserves:

C-Webb via Twitter: (@realchriswebber)
Josh smith. Call 911.You got robbed. No mask no gloves- its fingerprints- all over the place call first 48-no call Atlanta CSI- Call the FBI

If a crime has been reported, it is always good to build a strong case, complete with a thorough list of witnesses. Fortunately for Smoove, a large number have already come forward:

Sekou Smith via’s Hangtime Blog
…he was leading the Hawks before Al Hoford went down for the season with a torn pectoral muscle and, along with Joe Johnson, (who received his sixth All-Star nod last night) has kept them among the Eastern Conference elite since then. Even his most ardent critics have come around this season, recognizing the maturation in his game and that he’s been the Hawks’ catalyst this season.

Former Hawk Jamal Crawford via Twitter (@JCrossover)
don’t know what else Josh Smith can do to be an all star smh …

Stephen Babb via The Bleacher Report
Don’t just take Chuck’s word for it, though. Smith got robbed and it’s not the first time. Smith has generated All-Star production for at least five of his eight seasons, but has yet to get an invitation to the big game.

Current Hawk Tracy McGrady via Twitter
Real upset that my man JSmoove got snubbed for the AllStar game! Josh Smith is one of the best forwards n the East and deserves to be there!

Kenny Smith on TNT
He should have made it because if you take him off that Hawks team, they don’t win. Both of those guys should have been on that team.

Charles Barkley on TNT
Josh Smith deserved to make the All-Star team. … Josh Smith has been the best player on the Atlanta Hawks this season.

Jeff Schultz on
Smith wasn’t named to the Eastern Conference All-Star team Thursday night. That makes eight straight years he hasn’t been honored. Most of those seasons, nobody could argue. But this season’s omission is a huge injustice.

Alex Kay via The Bleacher Report
Somehow, Josh Smith has yet to make an All-Star Game in his eight-year career. He’s made an All-Rookie team, an All-Defensive Team and even won a Slam Dunk Contest, but he can’t catch a break as an Eastern Conference forward. This may be his finest season so far, especially when you factor in the Atlanta Hawks’ major loss of starting center Al Horford.

Shawn Muller of CBS Chicago
Josh Smith, on the other hand, is averaging almost as many points per game as Johnson (15.6) and leads the team in rebounds (8.9) and blocks (2.0).  If those aren’t “All-Star numbers”, then what are?

Pete Schauer via The Bleacher Report
If there was a list for constant All-Star snubs, Josh Smith would be No.1. Again, Smith is averaging more points and rebounds than his career numbers, and again he’s been left off of the All-Star squad.

That gives you an idea…

I could keep adding to the list as it seems like each time I refresh my browser there is a new post about All-Star snubs with Smoove’s name at the top of the list.

The silver lining for Hawks fans is that Josh knows that it is the coaches that vote on these things, so (not that he needs it) he will have extra motivation each night he takes the floor.

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18 Responses to “Can I Get a Witness?”

  1. Irakli

    Josh you are the best. Keep workin, so we can win this year NBA .. And next year see on All Star game.Love you

  2. LaShanda Moore...ALA

    Josh Smith……..You are #1…..My son looks up to you, I enjoy watching you during each game you play. God blessed you with a talent above and beyond. You are sn All Star Player, and no matter what man say………God knows,The Hawks know, The NBA know, I know,The world know, J Smooth is the best. We Love Your game. Keep playing 100…

  3. LaShanda Moore...ALA

    You got a witness….Josh….Now Amen to that…….

  4. Wes Antrim

    Josh Smtih sucks. He’s a ball-hog and a horrible shooter. Not to mention he whines all game long and is more worried about the pre-game warm up music than if the Hawks win or lose. The NBA coaches know better than the fans. Actually, I’m sure the fans wouldn’t have voted him in either.

  5. Smoove Luv

    Josh you’re the best! Keep slammin and jammin and rammin. You’re a fast man, and a good jumper. These skills can help you at BASKETBALL!

  6. TJ O'Reily

    Are you kidding me? Josh is the man. I love his giant afro. Should of been an all-star for that alone. Don’t forget that dunk he made over that moving car that one time. Flying high, flying free, Josh Smtih, you’re the hawk for me.

  7. Nord

    I am German, and I think that Josh Smith is one of the better forwards for the Atlanta Hawks. He can shoot better than some think he can. He also knows how to jump around the basketball court like some kind of “super mario”. I say, he IS an all-star!

  8. Marttin

    You are an ALL-STAR J-Smoove.

  9. Ivan

    Here in Russia we have a saying, Josh Smith is the best Atlanta Hawk not named Zaza Pachulia. Both should have been named to the all star team.

  10. jo-smothe

    Good luck josh. I hope you make it. Don’t listen to haters. keep voting and keep calling the nba. gotta let them know. daniel stern is a real nerd for letting this happen. What else can he do to prove he is a basketball player? I’m sure he has a NBA id card or something.

  11. Elder

    well lets see…. after reading all this I can only say get the ring Smith. Go for the gold. Play hard and tough out there. You got good game and keep shooting you got numbers to prove it.

  12. Kiera Davis

    Josh I love u soooooooooooo…… much. And i just want u to know just keep doing u cause apparently they dont see an all-star when they see one. Have faith i promise u that u will make the all-star in 2013. GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. the great one


  14. andrea

    dont even worry about not making the all star team, you know that you deserve to make it. so play like(you allready do).

  15. KaroLT

    Josh Smith…. You were Snubbed Even This year… Work hard, this gives u more motivation to prove the doubters ( coached ) wrong…. ask any of em n they are gonna tell u that ur one guy they want on their team… GOODLUCK Jsmoove… Ur my Fav player…. keep on playing consistent basketball n work on ur jumpshots ur gonna be unstoppable my main man… Good LUCK again… Lets Win it all

  16. Praim Persaud

    The wohle system of picking ALL STARTS need to be looked at and rehauled – especially the selection of the reserves – coaches will definitelt be incliened to select their own – by group concesus – obvious or not – a pack of wolves always stick together.

    What more of a statement does Josh has to make and do to be selected an all start – the man deserves to be there – this YEAR more so that Joe Johnson