Joe’s Injury Update

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
By Jon Newberry

The following update was sent from the Hawks PR this afternoon concerning Joe Johnson:

Hawks guard Joe Johnson, who left Monday’s game in Chicago in the third quarter, did not travel with the team to New York today, and is returning to Atlanta for an MRI on his left knee. He will not play in the next two games (at New York on Wednesday, vs. Orlando on Thursday).

With Joe out of the line-up the Hawks will have to find addition scoring from another source.

Chances are that Coach Drew will keep Willie Green in the starting line-up after he filled in for Marvin Williams in Chicago, although Tracy McGrady and Kirk Hinrich are also possibilities.

Speaking of Marvin, he should be available to play on Wednesday as he is expected to rejoin the team in New York.

14 Responses to “Joe’s Injury Update”

  1. Jorden


  2. Antoine

    Play Tracy at the 2 let’s see what he can do with more mins and being the number 2 scoring option it’s only 2 games

    • viktor

      i totally agree

    • david laguna

      If You Can Hear me Drew Willie Green Cant create for others like t-mac can and also create for himself at the level mcgrady can. Plus tracy can impact the game more then willie green! Stop being so NAIVE when it comes to t-mac the guy can play Even if he still @ 90% healthy Start him i Bet you that you wont wonna take him out of the start lineup every again! is it because he isnt getting paid what they paying the starters? that doesnt win games!

  3. San

    1)Zaza gotta go. He has no idea what to do with the ball when its in his hands 2) it blows my mind that no one in the orginzation can teach Josh offense moves in the post. He has no idea what to do with ball when drives to the hoop. Let alone how to finish. 3) joe has 2 learn that the game is not one on one 4) we need a point guard

  4. johnny

    starts T-mac at 2, see how it affects the game

  5. david laguna

    The Organization Or Larry Drew Are being Naive because they wont give t-mac the oppurtunity to prove once again that he is the boss even at 32 he could still go hard like kobe, just give him the chance HAWKS let him control the game! he’s better then joe johnson has a better IQ of the game the only difference is that t-mac might not be 100% but still at 90% thats enoff to push the team back to the 3 spot!

  6. david laguna

    if you wonna play willie green so bad because he is 100% healthy atleast give T-mac a chance too. Make willie the first option off the bench! for those games!

    • a tmac fan in China

      I can’t agree you more,man,let’s see how Tracy impact the game.Both Marven and Willie are not a good ball handler but tmac do

  7. Elder

    Time to ball

  8. rich

    what about stackhouse?

  9. maturin

    atlanta need joe,with no him the game suck!!!!

  10. Jack Rand

    amnesty joe! then sign superman, move josh smith back to the 3 move al horford back to where he belongs at the 4 and teague is a good enough point guard to go with dwight!

  11. soma

    why wont they make a push for howard this team is missing a big man and have a few peices they could offer in trade. correct me if im wrong but is howard from atlanta. ive felt for years that if they can get a good big and move al to forward they would be a threat in the east.