Hawks Focus on ‘Step One’: Winning Game 5

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
By Jon Newberry

A lot is made during a playoff series about making adjustments game-by-game. The honest truth about this current series between the Hawks and Celtics are that there are no more secrets. Any adjustment will be minor unless that adjustment is an increased sense of urgency.

Boston was much more effective in Game 4, but not because they came in with a different strategy or gameplan. They made shots. Plain and simple. Some of them were contested, some of them were open looks. Every team has games where the other team seems to get all the breaks and they are never able to seize momentum. Unfortunately, that game was on Sunday night for the Hawks.

The good news is that point diferential does not get you anything in the playoffs. A loss is a loss, but it is only one game. It is still first team to four wins advances, and step one for Atlanta will be to get a win at the Highlight Factory on Tuesday.

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