Fitting End to a Season of What-If’s

Monday, May 14, 2012
By Jon Newberry

What if Al Horford never gets injured?

What if Josh Smith isn’t slowed with a knee injury, forcing him to miss Game 3?

What if one basket or stop goes differently down the stretch in Game 2, 3 OR 6?

All of these questions can eat at Hawks fans (not to mention players and coaches) as they settle in for the summer offseason. Now the NBA has officially given them one last “What if” to ponder.

“With 3.1 seconds remaining in the the Boston-Atlanta game last night, a foul was called on the Celtics’ Marquis Daniels after the Hawks’ Marvin Williams had released the ball and therefore the foul was correctly treated as a common foul and not an Away-From-the-Play foul. With that said, however, the replay shows that the foul on Daniels should have been called sooner than it was by the officials, in which case it would have met the requirements of an Away-From-The-Play Foul.”

When an “Away-From-The-Play Foul” is called, the inbounding team is awarded one free-throw AND possession. Instead, the Hawks were not in the bonus yet, and maintained possession for a sideline inbounds.

“That would have been a huge play, a huge turn of events,” Josh Smith told the AJC’s Michael Cunningham. Indeed, it just adds one more “What If” to motivate Atlanta through offseason workouts as the NBA Playoffs move on without the Hawks.

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13 Responses to “Fitting End to a Season of What-If’s”

  1. John Davis

    Can Joe Johnson have his contract restructured?

  2. dan

    thats what ATL gets for not playing mcgrady role Larry drew didnt know how to use this guy! He could have made the difference…..

    • Amir

      i agree. tmac could be the missing piece for this team. in fact, he can play a starting role. marvin is not playing at his best. tmac can play along side joe in the 3 spot next season…

  3. dan

    t-mac need a much bigger role maybe the small forward spot to start 30min he would of killed he would of set them up with lovely easy baskets instead they played this one on one style througout the whole playoffs smh……. FIRE LARRY DREW get D’antoni jeff teague would have fun being coached by this guy t-mac to the bulls!

  4. Obi

    Please for the sake of our dearly beloved fans FIRE LARRY DREW and hire D’antoni.

  5. Brew

    From what I’ve seen all year long we need a 7 footer to post up in the paint and do his job very well. Also we need to fire the coach and go and get a real tough defensive coach like Avery Johnson who kept Dallas at the top with defense during the season and made a tremendous change in their toughness. We can also take a real look at the possibility of trying to get Dwight Howard or Pau Gasol in the middle which would put Al Horford at the power forward position in which he is very comfortable. This would give Jeff Teague plenty of options and it would also spread the defense of other teams to try and stop us with a zone defense or try us with a triangle. Either way we definitly would be at least a greater threat in the up and coming season.

  6. Brew

    Hey Hawks fans guest what!!! Phil Jackson wants to coach again and no team has called him yet. Now if that ain’t a reason to fire Larry Drew and any other terrible players then I don’t know what else to say fans. We need that coach like a car needs gas. STOP PLAYING Hawks owner and spend the money and go and get what we really need. Phil Jackson and put a ring in this city ASAP!

  7. Jay Smooth

    The Hawks, are the laughing stock of the NBA. It is crystal clear, that the 5 or 6 owners don’t have a clue, when it comes to building a successful team. They should dump all of the over paid and under performing players, i.e, Joe “sorry” johnson, Marvin Williams, Zaza Pachulia and Kirt “useless” Hinrich.

  8. Jay Smooth

    We knew the Hawks owners were crazy, when they signed a 4th tier player like joe johnson for $100 million. And, the kicker is that, nobody even wanted joe johnson. lol

  9. Oldhawk

    Listen Haters, The Hawks were the 4th best team in the east with monster teams like miami,chicago,and boston no we didnt fair well in the post-season but that is no reason to fire a coach that got a winning season with all the injuries hey had I think all we need is a proven scorer at any position, with all the scorers they have they still go into scoring droughts.

  10. Greg

    I think we should try and get a player from Philly, maybe Andre or Williams… they would be willing to trade. WE NEED CRAWFORD BACK… and perhaps a good draft this year i think we should hold a trophy in a few years

  11. hawksfanman

    idk how much cash we have but trade for howard and sign randy foye, ryan Anderson,Gerald green, Jeramy Lin