Hawks Get Positive Reviews From NBA GM Survey

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
By Micah Hart

NBA.com’s annual GM survey gives some nice insight into how different front offices view their competition around the league. It’s well worth a full read for their thoughts on everything from the best teams to the most underrated players, but here are a few nuggets from the piece that pertain to the Hawks:

  • NBA GMs peg Atlanta to be the second-best team in the Southeast Division. We joked about it on Twitter yesterday, but if something goes haywire in Miami, nice to know that we’re next in line to reap the spoils.
  • The Hawks received votes for which team had the best offseason. The Lakers dominated this one thanks to their trade for Dwight Howard and signing of Steve Nash, but I think you could make a long-term case (and I’m sure some of you will) that the Hawks did better than the second-place finisher, the Nets.
  • Lou Williams checked in at a tie for 4th in the “Most underrated player acquisition” category. Denver’s Andre Iguodala was the top choice, which is surprising to me considering his pedigree. Lou is going to surprise some people this year, I’m telling you. Deliciously, Lou Williams is underrated on a list of most underrated.
  • Rookie shooting guard John Jenkins received some votes in the “Rookie sleeper” category.
  • A little shout-out to the Hawks’ bench, as new assistant Kenny Atkinson received votes for the NBA’s best assistant coach.
  • No surprise here, Kyle Korver received some votes for the NBA’s best pure shooter, and finished tied for 3rd in “Best at moving without the ball”. Watching him work his way through screens is one of the things I’m most excited for this season.
  • Josh Smith received votes for the NBA’s best finisher. If the category was “Most dunks off the opening tip,” I bet he’d have finished at the top.
  • Finally, the NBA’s toughest player question saw Zaza Pachulia draw some votes. If you saw him get up after spraining his ankle against the Hornets and dive for a loose ball on the very next possession, you know it’s well deserved.


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