Postgame Thoughts: Hawks vs. Warriors

Sunday, December 16, 2012
By Micah Hart

A few thoughts coming up on the Hawks’ loss to the Warriors Saturday night at Philips Arena:

— Well, you can’t win them all. Some nights are going to be like Thursday when the Hawks could do no wrong against the Bobcats, some nights the other team is going to have the hot hand. Tonight was the Warriors night, you have to tip your hat to them. They played well and shot very well, while the Atlanta just could never get it going. No one is happy about it, but you put it behind you and move on.

— Despite the loss, how ’bout a hand for Ivan Johnson? Even in defeat, Ivan brought the energy off the bench and then some, finishing with 15 points and 9 rebounds, which really doesn’t do him justice. He was in beast mode, and Larry Drew recognized it early and rewarded him with minutes.

— Though you never stop competing, with the Hawks trailing by 20+ in the third quarter, LD decided to make lemonade out of lemons and got some good run for rookie John Jenkins, who played the final 17 minutes of the game. Jenkins had a few shots rim out (didn’t everyone?) but still scored 8 points and grabbed 2 rebounds. Mike Scott checked in for the final 9:41, and put up 9 points and 3 rebounds.

— You know Josh Smith wants this one back. Smoove was aggressive early on but absolutely could not find the basket as he finished with 3 points on 1-12 shooting. Expect him to bounce back in a big way the next time out.

Shake it off. It wasn’t our night, but the Hawks have a couple days to rest and get ready for a tough week with four games in six nights, starting Tuesday night in the nation’s capital against the Wizards.

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