Postgame Thoughts: Hawks Just Short vs. Pistons

Saturday, January 5, 2013
By Micah Hart

A few thoughts on the Hawks near-miss 85-84 loss to the Pistons in Detroit:

— Good gracious, did we almost steal that one. Trailing 83-66 with 7:00 to play after a Will Bynum layup, the Hawks allowed the Pistons to score just 2 – TWO! – points the rest of the way home. And it was almost enough. It seemed like we were possibly headed back to overtime against the Pistons when Al Horford hit an apparent game-tying 3-pointer with 5.6 seconds remaining, but upon further review it was ruled he had a foot on the line. Atlanta got another crack at it when they stole the Pistons’ inbound pass on the next possession, but couldn’t get a good shot off before the buzzer. SO CLOSE!

— Horford played like a man who doesn’t understand how he’s not getting any All-Star votes. Seriously people, what gives? It’s bad enough Josh Smith is only 8th among the Eastern Conference big men, but Horford isn’t even on the list? And he’s behind Andrew Bynum, who hasn’t even played yet this year. Horford had 18 points and 15 rebounds for his team-leading 17th double-double. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT, VOTERS???

Kyle Korver found his three-point stroke late to help lead the rally, including the 1200th triple of his career.

— This game was lost on the boards and the bench, where the Pistons had 56-38 and 41-14 advantages, respectively. Both of those areas will have to be major areas of improvement before tomorrow night’s home game against the Celtics.

What did you think?

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