Trade Deadline Recap: Hawks Mostly Quiet, Acquire Dahntay Jones and Jeremy Tyler

Friday, February 22, 2013
By Micah Hart


Well, that was exciting, wasn’t it?

Despite rumors circling the Hawks for days and days, in the end, the team made a couple small moves before the NBA trade deadline on Thursday, shipping guard Anthony Morrow to Dallas in exchange for forward Dahntay Jones and acquiring F/C Jeremy Tyler from the Warriors for a future second-round pick.

We’ll get back to those deals in a moment, but first let’s address the thing most Hawks fans have been obsessing over the past several days: the future of Josh Smith.

With everything he’s done as Hawks GM so far, Danny Ferry has made it clear that he wants the flexibility to go out and build a championship-level team, whether that’s through free agency, the draft, or both. That was the main objective in mind when he traded Joe Johnson last summer as well as Marvin Williams, and I don’t imagine that has changed over the course of the season.

Josh Smith is an impending free agent, we all know this. It was in the team’s best interest to see what kind of assets it could acquire for his services at the deadline, just like it will be in Josh’s best interest to see what the free-agent market will bear for him this summer. The NBA is a business, and that’s good business practice for both parties.

The fact that the deadline passed and Smoove is still a Hawk means two things. One, whatever potential deals might have been out there clearly weren’t as attractive as the option of keeping Josh in the fold, not just for the present time but also for the future, should the two sides come to terms this summer. Two, Ferry clearly never saw a deal that would allow the team to maintain the future flexibility he’s been building.

As to the deals the team did make, a few thoughts:

— It’s a shame to see Morrow go, as he’s a terrific shooter and a Georgia Tech alum, but with the outstanding play of Kyle Korver and the emergence of rookie John Jenkins, Morrow had fallen out of Larry Drew’s playing rotation. Jones, meanwhile, provides a completely different skill set as a dogged defender who can handle guards and forwards, which is definitely something of value to this team, this season. With DeShawn Stevenson limited because of his knee, Jones has a chance to earn significant playing time. He is also a potential free agent this summer.

— I confess to not knowing much about Jeremy Tyler (other than the fact that he spent his senior year of high school playing professional ball in Europe rather than in the States), but he’s a young big man with talent, and that’s never a bad thing to take for a test drive.

I spent the entire day on Twitter, so I know you have opinions.

What do you think of the Hawks’ dealings on deadline day?



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8 Responses to “Trade Deadline Recap: Hawks Mostly Quiet, Acquire Dahntay Jones and Jeremy Tyler”

  1. Mike

    I hate to see Morrow go as a Georgia Tech fan, but it is a good trade. Hopefully Josh can be signed this offseason below a max contract as we get Dwight Howard to form a true champion team.

  2. Sark Manchez

    Hate to see Morrow go. Hope Josh stays and develops into a better player and stops taking those awful shots.

    • Slap Dog Hoops (SDH)

      If Josh stays, he should not get the max. Atlanta already made that mistake with Joe Johnson and the Hawks were fortunate to find someone willing to take such an onerous contract.

  3. Brent Donaldson

    Dwight Howard isn’t going to ever lead a team to a championship. He isn’t a leader. if u want your coach to get fired then sure bring Howard for the ride!!!! Dwight Howard has soooo much growing up to do.

  4. Jordan Valdés

    Liked both the trades the Hawks did make, but very worried about losing Josh with no compensation.

  5. The Hipster

    So how are you going to fit Dwight Howard, Josh Smith and Al Horford on the same team?

    They’re not going to re-sign Josh and bring Howard in because that would mean trading Horford. And they’re not trading Horford unless it’s for Howard in a sign-and-trade deal.

    That’s not likely.

    • Slap Dog Hoops (SDH)

      Can anyone say sign and trade? what would not be a better offer than Al Horford and Josh Smith for Dwight Howard and a throw in? If Atlanta are serious about D12 they should at least put up the offer because it is doubtful that they can wrangle him straight up via free agency.

  6. Slap Dog Hoops (SDH)

    I do not see any of those moves making the Hawks any better. To use a baseball reference, If you are going to step to the plate, aim to hit one for the fences, not just a bunt. Such a move, pardon the baseball reference, does not put Atlanta anywhere near home plate. Dahntay Jones is no better than Anthony Morrow and Jeremy Tyler has not shown much since coming to the NBA.