Postgame Thoughts: Never-Say-Die Hawks Rally Again

Monday, March 4, 2013
By Jaryd Wilson

Atlanta Hawks v Los Angeles Lakers

A few thoughts after tonight’s 99-98 loss to the Lakers:

– The Hawks looked dead in the water about midway through the third quarter after the Lakers took a 65-49 lead.  But we know these Hawks, and we know they don’t lay down. Led by Devin Harris and Kyle Korver off the bench, the Hawks chipped away at the lead and put themselves in position to win a tough road game.  It just didn’t happen for them tonight.

Al Horford is having the best stretch of his career. With 24 more points tonight, Horford now has nine straight games of 20+ points and now leads the team in scoring for the season.

– Only one person on our roster has the height to impact Dwight Howard’s shots. Johan Petro got some decent first half playing time and did a nice job on Howard. Dwight scored just 11 points on 5-12 shooting. Petro, meanwhile, had six points, eight rebounds and…yes…four steals.  Great job keeping the Hawks in the game.

– Korver missed some open looks tonight but did extend his 3-point streak to 52 games. He made twice as many two-pointers (4) as three-pointers (2), which is rare.

Jeff Teague has had a few tough offensive games in a row after a brilliant stretch in February. Over the past two games, he’s just 6-23 from the field.  As he goes, the Hawks seem to go.  Hopefully he can find the rhythm again.

– It should be once again noted that Larry Drew’s ability to draw up out-of-timeout plays is second to none.  During the final stretch, the Hawks had several easy dunks and good looks, while the Lakers were forced into contested isolation.  In a close game, we’ll take our guy over any other.

This is a tough loss for the Hawks, especially because they have to go to a place where visiting teams only go to lose tomorrow night.  But the level of play tonight was significantly higher than Friday, and we once again saw that no quit attitude that has propelled this team to a top four spot in the East.  Even if they do lose tomorrow (and let’s be honest, the Nuggets simply don’t know how to lose at home), a 3-3 road trip isn’t bad.  Maybe (maybe?) we’ll catch Denver sleeping.

Photo by Stephen Dunn/NBAE/Getty Images

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One Response to “Postgame Thoughts: Never-Say-Die Hawks Rally Again”

  1. Elder

    If we could get Dwight Howard maybe with Lou Williams coming back Kyle Korver, Just maybe I mean just maybe we could compete with the best in the league. Note: They played hard but sometimes hard is not good enough. With Josh still taking terrible shots and gets the ball at the end of the game with a chance to possibly put away the Lakers he looks for (Joe Johnson… Well come on, we need a player, when the game on the line we can go to. I am still proud of the game play, get to the playoffs win one and lets hope for the best.

    Jeff Teague needs to play better on the big stage. He plays great when there are two people in the stands and we are playing sub par team. Now Lakers was not the average sub par team coming in who is now .500 but we need great point guard. Constance is what we need at the point guard play…

    Coach Drew does a great job yes he does but like his point guard he is in constant as well. He reminds me a lot of Mike Woodson. It would be hard to let him go with our talent keeping us in the playoffs and a sorry eastern conference. To me he needs to go. I want to see a constant line up a constant rotation and Josh not taking threes or sit him down. Do something coach. Good look in Denver and if you rebound there maybe we can start another streak. I like being 10 games over .500 or better. Lets get back to that.
    GO HAWKS!!!