Scoreboard Watching: Magic Number to 1 After Sixers Loss

Tuesday, March 26, 2013
By Jaryd Wilson

A quiet Monday night in the Eastern Conference playoff race, but the Hawks did get a game closer to clinching a playoff spot.

Atlanta lost to the Indiana Pacers 100-94 despite a rousing fourth quarter effort from the bench.  The Pacers pounded the glass and the paint early to go up by as many as 28 in the second half.  The Hawks’ third unit nearly erased all of it in playing all 12 minutes of the final frame, but they ultimately fell.standings

Despite the loss, the Hawks are now just one win away from clinching a playoff spot thanks to a loss by the Philadelphia 76ers in Utah late last night.  The Jazz are fighting for a playoff spot of their own and snapped a four-game losing streak to keep the pressure on the Lakers for the West’s final playoff spot.  Atlanta needs just one more win or one more 76ers loss to clinch their sixth straight postseason appearance, which is tied for longest streak in the East.

Biggest winner:  Bulls
It’s hard to win big when you don’t play, but the Hawks loss pushes the Bulls into fifth by two tenths of a percentage point in the standings.

Biggest loser: Hawks
They’re not really a “loser” after falling in Indianapolis by just six.  Most teams don’t win there, but since no one else played, it’s the only team to put in this category.

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