Scoreboard Watching: Pacers Move To #2

Friday, March 29, 2013
By Micah Hart



The Western Conference has the reputation of being the better side of the NBA, and perhaps that is true (ok, it’s certainly true). But it wasn’t last night, as both Eastern Conference playoff contenders won their interconference matchups. First, the Bucks held off the Lakers 113-103 in Milwaukee thanks in part to 21 points and 13 rebounds from Larry Sanders, then the Pacers kept the Mavericks from shaving their .500-or-bust beards, beating them 103-78 on the road in Dallas.


With Indy’s win, they move a half-game ahead of the Knicks for the #2 seed in the Eastern Conference, while Milwaukee closes to within 2 games of Boston for the #7 seed.

The Pacers got the big road win despite getting some bad news earlier in the day, as the team announced that All-Star forward Danny Granger would undergo knee surgery and miss the rest of the season. Granger has been in and out of the lineup all season for Indiana, so while it’s a loss, they don’t seem to be affected by it too much on the court.

Where did the evening’s action leave us? If the postseason started today (spoiler alert: it doesn’t), the Hawks would now face Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks in the 3-6 matchup.

On this week’s podcast, Hometeam and I discussed the different potential opponents for the first round. Take a listen, then tell us who you’re looking forward to (or not) in the comments.


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