Scoreboard Watching: Knicks, Bulls Shuffle the Deck

Monday, April 1, 2013
By Micah Hart



Things are staying fluid in the Eastern Conference Playoff chase, with the Hawks and Bulls just percentage points apart in the race for the #5 seed, and the Pacers and Knicks in similar positions in the quest for #2.

Sunday dawned with the Hawks sitting at #5, thinking about the Brooklyn Nets, but ended with the team back at #6 as the Bulls tipped the Pistons 95-94 (their 18th straight win over Detroit) to reclaim the edge.

Meanwhile, the Knicks continued to show playoff form as they pasted the Celtics 108-89 for the team’s 8th straight win, which in addition to moving the Knicks back ahead of the Pacers at #2, it also did the Hawks a solid by knocking the Celtics back to 2.5 games behind Atlanta for #6.

Got all that?

If the playoffs started today: #6 Hawks vs. #3 Pacers

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