Scouting Dennis Schroeder

Thursday, May 23, 2013
By Jaryd Wilson


As we get approach the 2013 NBA Draft, we are reaching out to local experts to help us scout some of the players the Hawks may take in the first round.  We had Christophe Ney from help us scout Germany guard Dennis Schroeder.

What are his strengths? Weaknesses?

Dennis Schröder can be first of all characterized by a fantastic speed that you rarely see for a German or even European guard. Additionally, he has good ball-handling, is a good athlete and has tremendous length with his great wingspan. This helps him to be a superb on-the-ball defender where he can put pressure on his opponents full court. Schröder has also developed quite a solid jump shot over the last two years, which was one of his main weaknesses before. He struggles still to finish close to the rim against physically stronger or taller players that come in help situations. His first step though gives him the possibility to blow by his defender, and he has also improved his court-vision to find the open man on help situations or in the pick-and-roll.

What did he add to his team in Europe? What do you think he’ll bring to an NBA team?

In a team mainly built around veterans, Dennis Schröder gave them some funkiness with his great speed and creativity in the open court. As he had developed a good three-point shot, he became one of the major scoring threats of his team that, however, played a poor season by its standards of the last years. Schröder will give the team that drafts him a boost in speed in fast-break situations but also a some scoring potential from behind the arc. On the other hand, I think that his impact on the NBA level will be limited in the beginning as he is still very young and has never played on the European top level so far.

What kind of style is he best suited for?

Clearly a fast-break team where he can push the ball up court and has wings that run well the lanes. He finds his teammates really well and likes to go for the spectacular plays. Schröder will most likely struggle in the beginning against well-organized set defenses so he needs a team with good defensive rebounders that give him the possibility to start early offenses.

What sets him apart from other draft prospects at his position?

Quick and athletic point guards are quite rare in Europe, so that he sets himself apart first of all by his different background than most of the PGs in the NBA Draft 2013. Schröder has a high will to be successful on the next level. Additionally, his very long arms make him an interesting long term potential especially on the defensive end.

What NBA player would you compare him to?

Some people compare him Rajon Rondo because of his size and wingspan but I think that this is not a good comparison. Schröder has a better three-point shot than Rondo but is a less skilled passer and rebounder. I see Tony Parker as a better comparison in terms of playing style and potential for the future.

What’s your favorite memory of him in Europe?

The first quarter of the German U19 League Top 4 semi-final in 2011 where Dennis Schröder dominated the game at will together with his back-then teammates Daniel Theis and Bazou Kante running spectacular plays and throwing around alley-oop passes at will.

Here’s what some of the national mock drafts are saying about Schroeder: Analysis:  Schroeder, says an Eastern Conference scout, “is a miniature [Rajon] Rondo.” At 19, he has natural point-guard instincts, excellent speed and an improving jump shot. Several teams in the 20s would love for Schroeder to fall. Hawks point guard Jeff Teague is a restricted free agent, and though he is likely to return, Schroeder has the potential to be a big-time starter in the future. Analysis:  The rumors flying around Chicago were that Schroeder had a promise from a team. Analysis:  A breakout performance for the international team playing against the top U.S. college-bound stars at the Nike Hoop Summit in Portland in April moved the jet-like point guard from the second round to legitimate, even likely, lottery possibility.

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