Looking Back: Hawks Score Big In 2013 Draft

Friday, June 28, 2013
By Jaryd Wilson

Adidas Eurocamp - Day 1

I woke up this morning and am still baffled by the fact that Danny Ferry was able to trade the 18th overall pick in last night’s draft to Dallas to get the 16th pick, plus the Mavs’ first-round selection from last year in Jared Cunningham and last night’s 44th overall pick.  Usually when you trade up, you’re the one that has to give up your pick plus something else.  At least that’s how it’s supposed to work, right?

Not if you’re Ferry.

After drafting Lucas Nogueira and Mike Muscala, the trade essentially ended up being those two and Cunningham for Shane Larkin.  It may take a few years to really evaluate how good this trade was, but on paper it appears as if the Hawks made out well here.  More on that below.

The Hawks wanted Nogueira but didn’t have to trade up much to get him.  I like the pick.  Atlanta needs size, and a seven-footer who can protect the rim is a perfect calling.  Even if he stays overseas next year, Nogueira has a chance to develop into a great big man.  And if the Hawks don’t have to pay him in 2013-2014, that opens up even more room for a free agent signing.

Click here to watch highlights of Nogueira, courtesy of adidas EUROCAMP.

Another guy Atlanta was high on was Schroeder.  Ferry said the international scouts loved him, and he fell right to the Hawks at number 17.  With Jeff Teague a restricted free agent and Shelvin Mack set to play just his first full season in the NBA, Ferry went after point guard depth and scored big here.  We had a chance to Skype with Schroeder shortly after he was selected last night, and he told us he’s ready to play in the NBA this year.

If you don’t think he’s ready, you may change your mind after watching these highlights, courtesy of Beko Basketball Bundesliga.

With the pick acquired from Dallas in the Larkin deal, Ferry took Bucknell center Muscala 44th overall.  Again, Ferry recognizes that Muscala needs development, but he clearly sees the need for the Hawks to get bigger.  I watched Muscala several times this past season, and there were games where he absolutely overwhelmed the competition.  As we pointed out in last night’s blog post, Ferry said Muscala may have been a top five player if he was going solely by numbers.

Also acquired in the Dallas trade was 2012 first-round pick Cunningham.  The Mavericks never really gave Cunningham a chance at the professional level, but he’ll certainly have a shot to make the roster in Atlanta.  Playing on the Summer League team is likely, so hopefully we’ll get our first glimpse of him there.  Ferry called him a combo guard with size.  Those are never bad pieces to have on a team.

Atlanta had the 47th and 50th picks in the draft as well but traded both away.  They gave Raul Neto to Utah for a second round pick in 2015, and they gave James Ennis to Miami for a conditional second-round pick in 2017.  So not only does the immediate future look bright with a solid 2013 draft class, but Ferry also created some flexibility for future drafts by acquiring additional picks.

A day later, how would you evaluate the Hawks draft?

Photo courtesy of adidas EUROCAMP

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3 Responses to “Looking Back: Hawks Score Big In 2013 Draft”

  1. brian

    loved it! glad we picked up a point guard to develop and play behind teague! love the international flavor!

  2. Jordan Valdés

    So happy we got Schroeder! I was not particularly fond of Teague (and I think if we try to resign him, we will end up paying him more than he’s worth), and we still haven’t given him a qualifying offer, so it looks like we might resign Devin and have Schroeder learn from him and develop, which I would love, because Devin is my favorite player, and Schroeder’s highlights looked awesome and he seemed like a good guy from the interviews. We also got size with Nogueira, which I am really happy about, because now we can move Al to the four! We keep not drafting centers in the draft, and now Ferry finally did, and I am very happy. He also got a second-round center in Muscala, so hopefully one of them will pan out. So happy!!!!!!!!!! Go Hawks!!!!!

  3. Gordon

    I’m actually happy with the draft, I was getting a little tired of Josh Smith. Don’t get me wrong he was a great player, but he just didn’t seem like he was a try hard all the effort guy the Hawks have been missing. I’m thankful for the drafting of size in this draft because that’s what we’ve been needed since Mutumbo. We’ll see how it plays out. I can’t wait to get use these guys on the new NBA2K game. Should be very interesting!!!!!