Brand Brings Depth To New-Look Frontcourt

Monday, July 15, 2013
By Jaryd Wilson

Dallas Mavericks v Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks today announced the signing of Elton Brand, a 6’9″, 254-pound veteran who played his college ball at Danny Ferry’s alma mater – Duke.

Brand gives the Hawks some frontcourt depth that they definitely need.  As of right now, Al Horford and Paul Millsap are the only guaranteed forwards Atlanta has on the roster.

Brand will be entering his fifteenth season, and at this point in his career, it’s probably safe to assume his minutes will be served primarily as a backup to both Horford and Millsap.  Still, Brand brings a veteran presence and is a big body that’s hard to move.  He stayed healthy last year, playing in 72 of Dallas’s 82 games and starting 18, so he can be put in the starting role if the situation calls for it.

Prior to last season, Brand was a primary starter, averaging double figures in each of his first 13 seasons in the NBA.  The rebound numbers have declined, but he still pulled down six per game last season in just 21 minutes.

Perhaps most importantly, Brand is a good defender, particularly on the help side.  Averaging nearly two blocks a game for his career, he’ll make opposing guards think twice about driving the lane.  He should fit into Coach Bud’s team defense system nicely.

Other stats to note: He is a good shooter.  He’s shot 50 percent from the field over his career and 74 percent from the free throw line.

While I don’t know him personally, word is he’s a great guy to have in the locker room.  With character guys like Horford, Millsap and Kyle Korver joining him, I suspect this team will get along well and grow together quickly without issues.

What do you think of the signing Hawks fans?

Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE/Getty Images

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6 Responses to “Brand Brings Depth To New-Look Frontcourt”

  1. Richard Denson

    The signing is OK with me but I would’ve preferred Samuel Dalembert or Brandan Wright. This signing may also spell the end for any chance of resigning Ivan Johnson or going after Nikola Pekovic

    • Leo

      JenksGood first article! I have alsomt the exact same order with Flop City and Memphis flipped. Memphis reminds me of a poor mans Detroit team that beat the Lakers. The West has 6 teams that at least appear to have a shot going into the playoffs which should make this year even more exciting. The East I can’t see anyone outside of those top three making it. The Pacers will probably give us a very entertaining series in the second round, but it’s hard to see them winning that even with how good they’ve played. Are you gonna give us a second round breakdown/reseeding when we are probably made to look like fools by the likes of Dallas (who will suddenly turn it on) and Boston (who will get pushed to the limit against a surging Melo who has everything to prove)?

  2. thegoodwitch

    nice signing……. i think we’re already a better team than we were last year….. that’s how u make a lo-do signing

  3. Paul McP

    Another solid move by Danny Ferry and company. Looks like we headed to the playoffs again, though we probably won’t get too far.

    Truth is the Hawks are heading in the right direction. Got rid of Joe Johnson’s ridiculous contract. Fact is he wasn’t missed at all. The same will be true for Josh Smith.

    Signing coach Bud from San Antonio was a fantastic move. The Hawks now have a system they can build a team with and eventual become a contender instead of pretender.

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  5. Joao

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