Hawks Add To Size with 6’11” Antić

Thursday, July 25, 2013
By Jaryd Wilson

The Hawks announced the signing of 6’11” Republic of Macedonia center Pero Antić Thursday, adding to what is becoming a crowded frontcourt.

Antić becomes the tallest player on Atlanta’s roster (the Hawks have not signed draft picks Lucas Nogueira (7’0″) or Mike Muscala (6’11”) yet), and he should see playing time as the backup center.

Antić, at 6’11”, is surprisingly versatile for a man of his size, moving well at both ends of the floor.  His 115 three-point attempts (32%) in Euroleague proves that not only can he make the long ball, but he’s not afraid to shoot it.  The Hawks have also added another good free throw-shooting big, as Antić shot 71 percent from the line last season with Olympiacos.

With Al Horford, Elton Brand and Paul Millsap signed, Antić is the fourth official forward on the roster.  Mike Scott is there too and is coming off a strong Summer League performance.  Millsap has played small forward in the past and may be called upon to do so again if Antić is in the game.

A quote from Danny Ferry: “Pero is a skilled and versatile big man who will add depth to our frontcourt. He will fit in well with what we’re building and we’re excited to add him to the team.”

Read the full press release on Hawks.com.

What do you think of the signing Hawks fans?

Photo courtesy of kosarka.si

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23 Responses to “Hawks Add To Size with 6’11” Antić”

  1. Macedonian man

    Bravo Peroooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Macedonia loves you!!!!!

  2. redhoops.gr

    He was very good throughout the whole 11-12 season but not that great last year. However, his appearances in the Euroleague Final Four (both in the semi and in the final) in London were simply outstanding – I can upload the stats sheets that show his +/- if any of you guys are interested.

    A nice outside shooter and rebounder and a great guy. A trully great guy!

  3. Makedon

    Pero is great player Macedonia gives u all suport what u will need , affter Pero starting to play for Atlanta i hope so Atlanta will get to many suporters from Macedonia .

  4. Drashko Nakikj

    You just got a player that is determined to win and will do anything to do that. That’s precious !

    Bravo Pero !

  5. zoran

    good choice – greeting

  6. Macedonian fan

    Great choice,he’ll be great in Atlanta ! And you guys just got a bunch of new supporters. :)

  7. BrittishAnger

    Welcome to the team! I look forward to seeing you ball with this new-look Hawks squad and dropping a few 3’s in the process.

  8. BrittishAnger

    And welcome to the fold, all you Macedonian supporters! We need your support and welcome you all to the Hawks Fan Family!

  9. Gordan Big-G

    YEAH BUDDY! First Macedonian to play in the NBA! Bravo Pero! Bravo Hawks!!!

  10. Palash

    Bravo majstore site se gordeeme so tebe! Samo NAPRED!!!

  11. Milenko Nedelkovski

    Great move Hawks.
    Now, you have 2 milion (Macedonina population) fans more.
    Pero is a great and proud Macedonian. We are proud of him.
    Go Hawks, go…

  12. Riste A

    Thanks Hawks . Pero is a living legend in Macedonia and we are very proud of him . NAPRED PERO .
    Go Hawks, go,go

  13. Matrix

    Now I see a big reason why I was a big fun of Dominique Wilkins and Atlanta Hawks in 80’s ans 90’s, because our first countryman in NBA goes in Atlanta. Pero is a great person and already has american mentality so with the support from the new coach he will have a good season. Go Pero, Macedonia supports you.

  14. Sokolovski - Macedonia

    Congratulations for Hawks and Pero.
    Now, Hawks have player with big heart which never give up.
    Skopje and Macedonia are with you.

  15. Aleksandar

    Hawks just got more then 2 000 000 suporters from small country in Europe ..Bravo Pero, Bravo Macedonia

  16. Igor MKD

    Great to have Macedonian in the best league in the world. Congratulations Pero. Hawks now have a bunch of new loyal fans. Macedonia loves you

  17. Robi

    Congratulations to Pero! One advice, stop shooting 3’s and start making rebounds! After all u are the tallest man in the team! Otherwise u’ll get a return ticket to Macedonia!

  18. veggiemn

    Robi is correct. He needs to develop an around the rim game. I saw him on you tube and was not impressed by a big going outside to shoot threes and not bang in those high percentage shots. I liked all the moves Ferry has made so far except this one. I can only reason why he was chosen is to be Durk Nowitski like. Still when those threes stop going in who will be there to get the rebounds, a 6’9″ center in Brand. Change your game Pero and you might have a chance.

    • Borko

      Mostly I agree with you veggiemn, I am from Macedonia so I have followed Antic game throughout the years… and YES he needs to improve his around the rim game, but he is very good defender and rebounder. And remember that he is only a back up, so a back up who can really shoot, jump and rebound is not so bad at all… however, definitely he needs to work on his around the rim game.

  19. atom yak

    bravo pero napred atlanta.

  20. zoran

    Hawks just got more then 2 000 000 suporters from small country in Europe ..Bravo Pero, Macedonia loves you!!!

  21. Jovan

    Congrats Pero – Macedonians are very proud of you.
    I am looking forward to your games.