An Introduction to Robby Kalland

Monday, August 5, 2013
By Robby Kalland

Hawks fans, my name is Robby Kalland and for the past two years I have covered the Hawks, first for Score Atlanta and most recently for Peachtree Hoops of SB Nation. I am happy to announce that I will be spending the next year (and hopefully many more) here on the Hawks official blog covering and writing about the Atlanta Hawks. For those that have read my work before, you can continue to expect more of the same from me here; for those that have not, I’d like to offer an idea of what I plan to bring here to the Hawks official blog.

My goal in coming here is to help make this the go-to destination for Hawks information, insight, and analysis. We want to provide more consistent, original content that will offer a unique view of the Hawks. To accomplish this goal we will be providing previews, post-game recaps, exclusive interviews, player features, in-depth analysis, video breakdowns, and more on a regular basis. One of our biggest focal points is to bring together both video and written content and have each aspect work off each other to provide a more complete look at the Hawks.

A major part of increasing the amount of insight into the articles here will be incorporating statistical and video analysis. Throughout this year I will be using advanced statistics and MySynergySports stats to try and offer a deeper understanding of what the Hawks are doing on the court. Along with statistical analysis, video breakdowns of the Hawks offense and defense will be a part of our effort to blend video and written content and providing unique, in-depth analysis.

With so many changes to the team this off-season, we want to help fans build connection to the team and the many new faces through exclusive features and interviews. We will try to provide as much insight into the players and coaches as possible and offer a unique glimpse into the organization.

I’m extremely excited for this opportunity and hope that you all will join us this season here at the Hawks official blog as we prepare for an exciting new era of Hawks basketball.

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