Hawks To Hold Training Camp In Athens

Thursday, September 12, 2013
By Jaryd Wilson

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With seven new faces on the roster, the Atlanta Hawks have decided to hold the first part of training camp on the University of Georgia campus in Athens.

The team will leave after Media Day the evening of Sept. 30 and return to Atlanta after practice Oct. 3.

Training Camp is usually the first chance for teams to build chemistry and get to know each other as a unit.  With an off-site training camp, the players will get to spend more time together, as they’ll be eating meals and spending nights together.

The camp will be at the Coliseum Training Facility, where the team is scheduled to have five practices consisting of 16 hours over the three-day span.

I think this is a great plan because it’s a good way for a team with a lot of fresh faces to get to know each other, learn the system and get started on the right foot without the distractions of their everyday lives in Atlanta.

“I’m excited to have our first training camp at the University of Georgia and to make use of their first-class facilities,” Head Coach Mike Budenholzer said. “Being in Athens to start camp will provide us a great opportunity to focus on building team chemistry and developing the unselfish and hard-working mentality that will be central to how we compete every night.”

Photo by Glenn James/NBAE/Getty Images

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