Hawks Look For Positives After Loss

Sunday, October 13, 2013
By Jaryd Wilson

Atlanta Hawks v Indiana Pacers - Game Five

A few thoughts after today’s 105-73 loss to the Pelicans:

– There was plenty of bad in a 32-point preseason loss, but to focus on the good for a minute…

– …Al Horford was in midseason form Sunday, scoring 21 points on 9-12 shooting in just 27 minutes.  He’s had a very good preseason so far and should be an All-Star candidate this year, especially if he stays hot from mid-range.

Jared Cunningham got significant minutes today and looked good, scoring seven points on 3-6 shooting and getting to the free throw line four times.  He’s a candidate for the Hawks’ final roster spot and seems to be an athletic shooting guard that could give the Hawks minutes, especially if John Jenkins’ back continues to act up.

Coach Bud decided to change up the rotation today and give guys who played significant minutes in the two games at the beginning of the week some rest.  DeMarre Carroll and Dennis Schröder, who both had major roles on Monday and Tuesday, didn’t play today, and leading scorer Mike Scott played only eight minutes.  Bud continues to feel out his team and wants to see a variety of guys in different roles, which is what the preseason is for.

Kyle Korver went an uncharacteristic 0-6 from behind the arc today.  He had some good looks, but like the rest of the guys, his shots weren’t falling.

– A few stats the Hawks will have to clean up going forward…they were out-rebounded 44-28.  Granted the Pelicans shot 56 percent, which didn’t leave a lot of opportunity for rebounds, but Atlanta needs to come up with a few more offensive boards on their misses.  Atlanta also had 24 turnovers.  You can win games with poor shooting if you get enough shots up, but shot quantity decreases with turnovers, and the Hawks had too many today.

It’s only preseason, so wins and losses don’t matter.  However, after three road games to open the preseason, Atlanta will be excited to return to Philips Arena, where they’ll play Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday hoping for better results.

Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE/Getty Images

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10 Responses to “Hawks Look For Positives After Loss”

  1. Slap Dog Hoops (SDH)

    There is never anything positive after a 32 point loss so no use trying to look for one.

  2. Rachid

    Danny Ferry will have a lot of explaining to give, if the team dosn’t make it to the playoffs, after beeing one with the biggest salary cap available this year. Few other teams had it also and they captured good players. Even in theory, Josh’s leaving was a good move, in the end, Milsap is not a full court player like Smith and Al was not moved to PF position as he should. The biggest mistake from Ferry and he’s team was draft’s night. So many “big” players available and he got just one kid that still has a lot to grow in PG position.

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