One Day Until the Atlanta Hawks’ Season

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
By Robby Kalland

Indiana Pacers v Atlanta Hawks

We are counting down the days until the Hawks’ season-opener in Dallas by giving you 50 things to be excited about this year. With one day left, today’s reason is…

Something To Prove

The Hawks come into the season with plenty to prove as individuals and as a team. For the team, they will be looking to prove that this is more than just a rebuilding year; proving that a team can go through so many changes in the offseason but continue to be a playoff contender. A new coaching staff and the addition of eight new players to the roster has raised questions about how well this team can compete. Starting in Dallas tomorrow, the Hawks will have to prove that they belong in the Eastern Conference playoff discussion despite all of the changes.

Individually, there are plenty of players on the Hawks that have a chip on their shoulder entering the season. The two longest tenured Hawks each have some extra motivation heading into this year. Al Horford will be looking to prove himself as the leader of the team after the departure of Joe Johnson and Josh Smith in the past two summers as he becomes the main man in Atlanta. Jeff Teague will be looking to show that he was deserving of his new contract, and that he’s ready to take on a bigger role in an offense that relies heavily on the point guard. Like Teague, Kyle Korver was rewarded with a new contract this offseason and he will try to make Danny Ferry and the front office look smart for keeping him in town.

Many of the new faces on the Hawks’ roster have a lot to prove as well. A veteran like Elton Brand wants to show that he is still an effective big man in the NBA and has some productive years ahead of him. On the opposite end of the age spectrum, 19 year-old Dennis Schröder will be looking to prove that he was deserving of the 17th overall selection in the NBA draft and that he can be successful at the highest level. 

DeMarre Carroll and Paul Millsap each come over from the Jazz hoping that a new team and a new system more conducive to their strength’s will prove that they should have been more sought after this past offseason.

Even Coach Budenholzer will be looking to prove that he was the right choice by Danny Ferry for the Hawks’ coaching job, and that he can be a successful head coach after so many years as an assistant.

This team has plenty of motivation both individually and as a unit, now it is time for them to prove themselves out on the court. Getting the opportunity to watch them do so is what excites us about this coming season that has finally arrived.

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